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“Grumaduate ka muna bago landi.” Toni Aquino fires back at basher regarding her engagement with non-showbiz fiancé

  • Toni Aquino is engaged!
  • She also posted a photo of her and fiancé being happy as ever.
  • However, rude and offensive comments tarnished the post.

Toni Aquino and her boyfriend-now fiancé Ricardo “Rick” Centurion have been engaged for three months. However, they waited for a while to announce it. She recently announced their engagement on Instagram with a lengthy caption.

Although they are engaged, their wedding won’t happen anytime soon.

Image courtesy by Toni Aquino | Instagram

Toni also recently posted a photo of them together with her happily flaunting her ring. However, bashers just ruined such a pure moment. Toni took it upon herself to fire back at those who throw on hate comments regarding her engagement.

Image courtesy by Toni Aquino | Instagram

Instagram post

Toni also wrote a short caption pointing out that this photo may be the only decent one after Rick proposed.

“Oh, he’s so stuck with me now 💍 (the only decent photo we took after the proposal lol!)”

Screencap of Toni Aquino’s post | Instagram


A netizen, @marycory20, asked whether pregnancy is actually the reason behind their early engagement.

“is she pregnant or they do really inlove with each other..Congrats and god bless..but promise to your mom you finish your studies no matter what happen”

Toni replied back to the netizen and clarified that she is not pregnant. The comment was actually really offensive and judgmental of the said netizen. She also continued that she has plans to finish college.

“pregnant? Omg no. How can you even say that. That’s really judgemental of you. We love eah other and yes I HAVE TO FINISH COLLEGE that’s the plan. Refer to the other post with the longer caption.”

@marycory20 apologized and asked Toni to just delete it.

“sorry for being judgemental. delete na lang”

Toni forgave the said netizen. However, she asked them to be careful. She slammed the notion that when a woman gets engaged, she’s already pregnant. She also pointed out that they just loved each other and would want to spend their lives together.

“it’s okay be careful of what you assume nalang. Just because someone got engaged young it always does not mean that the girl is pregnant, I honestly got offended but it’s a mentality here na if you get engaged young you probably are pregnant. Hindi puwede we love each other so much that we just want to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Hate comment

Toni’s pure and happy post was tarnished by a basher, @kokolove13, who had responded with hate comments.

“grumaduate ka muna bago landi puta mukhang midget ka”

Toni also took it upon herself to defend herself from such an insult.

“@kokolove13 well, that is the plan to graduate first and mind your language please”

Celebs congratulate them on engagement

Celebrities also congratulated Toni and Rick on their engagement.

Isabelle Daza

“Omg omg omg congratulations”

Ina Raymundo

“Congratulations @ninichips!”

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

“Awww congrats Nini!!!!”

That’s My Bae Miggy Tolentino

“Congrats bes!!”

Melissa Ricks

“Awwww!!! Congrats!!”


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