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Zeus Collins finally gets his biggest break as Kakai Bautista’s love interest in “Wander Bra”

  • Zeus Collins plays a lead role in “Wander Bra”.
  • He will be Kakai Bautista’s love interest.
  • The actor considers this role as his biggest break yet.

Hashtags member Zeus Collins is finally at the center of the spotlight having to play his biggest role yet!

Image courtesy by Zeus Collins | Instagram

The actor considers playing the lead role and the love interest of Kakai Bautista in “Wander Bra”, under the direction of Joven Tan and Blue Rock Entertainment, his biggest break so far.

Image courtesy by Kakai Bautista | Instagram

He had several supporting roles once such as his appearance in ‘Wangfam” movie and “Love Me Tomorrow.”

According to the actor, he is not yet fully ready to take a daring scene, but a comedy such as ‘Wander Bra” should be fine.

“Kasi ako, mahilig talaga akong manood ng mga comedy. Eh, ako talagang makulit ako kahit na sa likod ng kamera kaya natuwa ako nu’ng i-offer sa akin itong Wander Bra,” he said.

Image courtesy by Zeus Collins | Instagram

He also mentioned that he can get naked or do sexy bed scenes. “Okey lang po ’yung parang Sin Island. Okey lang po ’yung mga ganun. Mas gusto ko ’yung mga ganyan,” he said jokingly.

“Pero siguro ’yung parang frontal at lalaki sa lalaki (kissing scene), parang hindi ko pa kaya, eh. Nahihiya ako,” he added.

Zeus Collins has been single for three years. He said that he wants to remain single for now and focus on achieving his life goals first. His first main goal is having a house of his own.

“Wander Bra” will be the next comedic Filipino hero that will soon take the skies. In order to have superpowers, Kakai Bautista only needs to wear her magic bra, and then she will transform into the beautiful and sexy Myrtle Sarossa.

The movie is set to air soon this year.


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