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DID YOU GIVE CREDIT? Alex Gonzaga admits copying Ariana Grande’s poster

  • Alex Gonzaga invited the public to attend her vlog anniversary celebration on August 11.
  • One netizen noticed that Alex’s poster resembled an Ariana Grande poster concept.

Alex Gonzaga has extended a public invitation to the first anniversary celebration of her YouTube vlog at the UP Town Center on Saturday, August 11.

The vlog viewing will start at 11 AM and Alex will appear in the flesh at 5 PM.

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To let people know about the upcoming event, she posted her concert poster on Twitter with the caption: “This is it!! See you on Aug11 in U.P.  Town Center Katip!! Ang dami mangyayari at surprises! Be there or be sqaured! You snooze you loose! You go sago! #AGvlogPARTY”

Image courtesy by Alex Gonzaga

Apparently, one netizen noticed that Alex’s photo on the poster is a facsimile of an Ariana Grande photo.

Alex confessed to being a big Ariana Grande fan and that she tried to copy the singer’s look.

There is no harm in Alex copying Ariana’s concept but netizens suggested that she should give credit to the original concept.


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