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Bianca Umali clarifies hateful tweet against Kyline Alcantara was from a fake account

  • Bianca Umali defends herself from hateful tweet against Kyline Alcantara.
  • Bianca said it’s a fake account and one of her fans proved it.
  • Other netizens questioned Bianca’s claim since Twitter does not allow similar usernames to exist.

A trending tweet from an alleged Bianca Umali account attacked her fellow Kapuso and Kambal Karibal actress Kyline Alcantara and her fans.

Bianca Umali immediately defended herself that she never posted such a hateful tweet.

On her official account on Twitter she wrote, “This tweet posted by my account, was not made by me. First, I am not active on twitter.  Many of you know that. Second, I do not talk like this.  I have checked my account over and over again and i cant find it on my feed. If only I was this rude, It shouldn’t have been deleted.”

Fans of Bianca immediately looked into the alleged fake account and somehow found it.

Turns out a replica account was created with all the profile information the same, but can easily be differentiated based on the number of followers.

However, the question lies: Is it really possible to register a duplicate account with the same account name? Some netizens doubted the evidence.

What we know for sure is that Twitter or any social media platforms do not allow similar usernames to exist at once.

We did our own investigation and the said fake account can’t be found. It could be the said fake account was deleted, just a Twitter bug or the account never existed and the screenshot was just edited. No one can really tell.


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