BY THE NUMBERS: “Bagani” vs “Onanay” on its pilot week, who wins the race?

Another primetime rivalry has started and this time featuring two different genres.

Last Monday, August 6, GMA Network premiered its latest primetime drama Onanay featuring Ms. Nora Aunor and Ms. Cherry Gil and Jo Berry as Onay.

This newest Kapuso primetime teledrama goes head to head with ABS-CBN epic fantaserye, Bagani.

Two different teleseryes from two different genres, how did this rivalry figure on its premier week?

AGB Nielsen

For AGB Nielsen NUTAM People ratings, Kapuso’s latest drama edged out the Kapamilya fantaserye. No amount of LizQuen charm took effect as Onanay wins the whole pilot week according to AGB Nielsen.

On its pilot episode, Onanay scored 1.0% higher than Bagani at 11.6% to 10.6%. The lead even increased on the second day to 1.2% at 11.0% vs 9.8% in favor of Onanay. Then it stabilized again to 1.0% and 1.1% on the 3rd and 4th day with 9.6% to 8.65 and 11.7% to 10.6% respectively.

The pilot week ended with Bagani closing in at 10.3% vs Onanay’s 10.4% or an insignificant margin of 0.1%.

Kantar Media

While AGB Nielsen’s result favored Onanay, the national TV ratings of Kantar Media says a different story.

Bagani remained undefeated on its timeslot spoiling Onanay’s debut week.

Onanay started with 11.5% less ratings than Bagani at 17.7% to 29.2%. Bagani’s lead continued to increase in the following days with the 4th and 5th day taking the highest lead of 13.8% at 30.3% to 16.5% and 29.7% to 15.9% respectively.

Onanay’s entry to the primetime race can somehow prove Bagani’s losing grip in the ratings game. While it formerly lead both AGB and Kantar surveys, its latest performance against a heavy drama series with an unfamiliar main lead star is a blow to the heavily cast Bagani.

However, national TV ratings remained a Kapamilya territory. Although Bagani’s ratings are dismal compared to others especially on its road to the finale, still it has shown it still manages some powers to attract viewers and audience.

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