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CATFIGHTS? Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara rift comparable to Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista issue

  • Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara can be compared to Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista.
  • There is clear rivalry between the two which they continue to deny.
  • Marian and Heart has had an existing feud since 2011.

Do Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara see eye to eye? Both of them have cryptic posts which may pertain to the other. They, however, continue to deny the rivalry with each other.

Local showbiz observers also wished GMA Network would patch up the two young actresses so that the perceived gap wouldn’t balloon into Marian Rivera vs. Heart Evangelista proportions.

Marian versus Heart

During the filming of Temptation Island, Heart and Marian were still okay. After they shot the movie and flew back to Manila, Heart’s mother allegedly yelled at Marian to stay away from her daughter.

Bianca versus Kyline

Kyline previously denied allegations of a rift and rivalry between her and Bianca. The two shared how they actually have an existing friendship unlike their characters in Kambal Karibal.

Onscreen partners

Both rifts started with their onscreen partners. In Bianca and Kyline’s case, fan camps propagated rumors that Kyline is allegedly trying to steal Bianca’s onscreen partner and rumored boyfriend, Miguel Tanfelix.

On the other hand, Marian and Heart’s beef began with their respective significant others. Heart’s then-boyfriend, Daniel Matsunaga, expressed his interest in being paired with Marian for a project. Heart also reportedly said she was excited to be paired with Marian’s beau, Dingdong Dantes.

Fan Wars

Bianca’s fans reportedly booed Kyline while the latter was performing in a mall show. This caused Kyline to cry on-stage while singing a song. Although Bianca’s fans defended themselves, both actresses have yet to acknowledge this issue.

Meanwhile, a few months after their movie, Heart claimed that Marian’s fans hacked into her Twitter account where she called the latter “bobita.”


Kyline reportedly backed out from a BiGuel movie due to an issue with Bianca. Although the movie remains under wraps, reports suggest that Kyline should be part of the project. Sadly, there’s been a brewing issue between Kyline and Bianca. So, the management decided to pull Kyline out.

On the other hand, Heart denied that her mother ever yelled at Marian. Since her feud with Marian got heavily publicized, endorsements were reportedly on-hold and TV projects were shelved.


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