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“Crazy Rich Asians” actor Chris Pang on Kris Aquino: “It’s perfect to have her in the film to represent the Philippines”

  • Chris Pang believes that Crazy Rich Asians benefited from Kris Aquino.
  • The actor called Kris as the real “Crazy Rich Asian.”
  • He shared that when the production revealed Kris Aquino is one of the cast members, 5 million articles immediately came out.

Crazy Rich Asians actor Chris Pang, who plays the role of Colin Khoo, recently visited the Philippines before going to Singapore to attend the movie’s premiere night.

In an interview with Preview Magazine, the actor said that he didn’t know Kris Aquino until Crazy Rich Asians. He was surprised when Kris showed up with 18 assistants.

His first impression was “She’s the real crazy rich Asian. All of us were acting and trying to dig deep into this life that we didn’t know, but she was just playing herself.”

His comment immediately spread leaving Kris to clarify the issue by saying she only brought 8 assistants.

In an exclusive interview with, he said, “I said Kris Aquino was the real crazy rich Asian and I got in trouble for that.

“People were like ‘You shouldn’t have said that!’ But I felt like that was a good thing. She should be in the film. The film benefited from having her in it.”

The actor also shared his admiration for Kris.

Kris Aquino’s memorable cameo as Princess Intan was a real delight.

“She looked beautiful in the yellow dress that’s her family’s signature color. It was nice. It’s lovely to have her on board because she is so adored in the Philippines, she is such a big name here.

“To have her as part of a film that we’re trying to put together with an international and important Asian cast, it’s perfect to have her in the film to represent the Philippines. She has a very, very memorable role in the movie.

“I don’t want to give too much away. People are very, very excited to see her in the film. I’m almost jealous of the amount of support. It’s so nice to see, it’s very uplifting to know that the people [here] care so much about their local celebrities.

“That was all the news that was coming out. When casting news was coming out, when they revealed that Kris Aquino is in the film, there were like 5 million articles.

“People care. It’s cute and it’s nice to see.”


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