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Kyline Alcantara backs out from ‘BiGuel’ movie due to an issue with Bianca Umali

  • Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix has an ongoing secret movie.
  • The movie is still a ‘secret’ and no one knows who are involved in the film other than the ‘BiGuel’ tandem.
  • Kyline Alcantara was rumored to be part of the secret movie but was pulled out due to issues with Bianca Umali.

Tony Tuviera’s APT Entertainment will produce a Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix (BiGuel) movie soon.

Movie shooting already started on August 13, however, the production kept it a secret and no news were leaked.

No details were released whatsoever. Even the title, the director, and the co-stars are still unknown. The target playdate or release date of the film is also unknown.

A source from Journal website suggests that they purposely made everything a secret so that BiGuel fans will not flock to the set and the two artists can focus on shooting.

Reports also mentioned that Kyline Alcantara should’ve been part of the project. Sadly, there’s been a brewing issue between Kyline and Bianca, so the management decided to pull out Alcantara.

The said movie is a blank page for now, but leaks are expected to come out soon.


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