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MOVIE REVIEW: “Harry and Patty” is a Surprisingly Delightful Charmer

Two perfect-looking people falling in love with one another. This is how the usual Pinoy romcom that litters our screens periodically goes. It is very, very rare that we get to see a film breaking this formula. That’s what sets this romantic comedy from the director of Deadma Walking apart from others films of the genre. Featuring the controversial pair of Kakai Bautista and Ahron Villena, Julius Alfonso’s “Harry & Patty” is produced by Cineko Productions and also stars Mark Neumann, Heaven Peralejo, Donna Cariaga, Bodjie Pascua, Joe Vargas and with a special participation of Arci Munoz

“Harry & Patty” follows Patty (Kakai Bautista), who works as a driver of an online transport service. She is the breadwinner of her family composed of her blind but loving father (played by Bodjie Pascua) and mean but loyal brother Raymond (Mark Neumann). At the same time, she is trying to move on from her past after her first love left her and never came back. One fateful night, she comes across a drunk Harry (Ahron Villena) as her passenger. And that’s where our love story begins. Harry started courting and eventually dating her, much to the bewilderment of their friends and family (and the audiences).

The film kinda reminds me of last year’s blockbuster hit Kita Kita starring Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez. But the story of that film was easily acceptable since Alessandra’s character Lea was blind when Empoy aka Tonyo came into her life and swept her off her feet. But in the case of “Harry & Patty,” watching the two characters can really feel a bit awkward since Harry seems to be in love to death with Patty despite their differences. That adds up to the curiosity of the audiences while watching the film. Everyone seems to be asking themselves: is this really happening? But as the film hits it’s third and final act, a major plot twist is revealed that makes the whole setup plausible. That smartly conceived twist was so unexpected that it caught everyone by surprise and really blew us away.

Aside from the smartly crafted story, another reason why the film works is because of its two leads. Kakai Bautista is so funny and delightful as Patty while Ahron was charming as Harry. Kakai carries the weight of the film. Ahron was also given time to shine in probably the most dramatic moment of the movie. Though the two may look weird together, once you see them on screen, you won’t be able to deny the fact that they are oozing with chemistry. You might have to suspend your belief with their setup but eventually, you’ll fall for them and their characters. The story was so perfect and tailor-fit to their real life situations, which adds up to the overall feel of the film.

The film also boasts a very effective supporting cast. Mark Neumann steals some of the scenes as Raymond, the brother of Patty who always teases her with mean jokes. His comic timing was impeccable, and he was able to match Kakai Bautista’s level. Then, there’s Donna Cariaga, It’s Showtime’s Funny One grand winner who plays Patty’s broken-hearted best friend. Her funny quips were so good, bringing out the natural comedienne in her.

The only problem that I had with the film was that there were a lot of subplots that weren’t that important to the main story. These stories were squeezed into the film but do not really impact the story of Harry and Patty and felt like they were nothing but fillers or some last minute idea that they added. It would have been better if we got more of Harry and Patty’s story.

Aside from this, the film was really fun and entertaining from start to finish. “Harry & Patty” will definitely surprise you with its undeniably hilarious yet sincere and charming depiction of true love. It’s a sweet and funny mix of love and laughs that everyone will surely enjoy.



5 – Excellent
4 – Very Good
3 – Good
2 – Tolerable
1 – Terrible
“Harry & Patty” is now showing in cinemas, from Cineko Productions and distributed by Cine Screen.

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