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Sharon Cuneta asks all Filipinos to be proud of Kris Aquino and quit the crab mentality

  • Sharon Cuneta urged Filipinos to support Kris Aquino.
  • She mentioned that being part of a Hollywood film opens more opportunities for Filipinos in world cinema.
  • The Megastar also asks everyone to stop the crab mentality.

Sharon Cuneta previously expressed that Filipinos should be proud of Kris Aquino for being part of the Hollywood film Crazy Rich Asians.

Recently, the Megastar again reminded everyone to just be proud of Kris and stop having crab mentality.

On her Instagram, Sharon wrote:

“If you joined me at one of my IG Lives, remember how I talked about some people enjoying bringing others down? Sadly, it is very Pinoy to have what is known as “crab mentality;” you know – “Kundi ako ang successful sisiraan kita dahil sa inggit!”

“I said it didn’t sit well with me how some people were criticising Ms. Kris Aquino’s short appearance in “Crazy Rich Asians,” instead of celebrating that she WAS at all part of that Hollywood movie that has now hit #1 at the Box-Office.

“I thank all of you who left messages of encouragement for Kris as I requested. Guys, when one of us has the blessing of being chosen among hundreds to become part of a Hollywood movie – especially from a major studio and based on a best-selling book, WE SHOULD BE HAPPY. PROUD.

“It opens more doors in world cinema for Filipinos and other Asians, like Ms. Lea Salonga opened doors for many in Broadway. A short – but important – exposure in a film like this should’ve made us all root for Kris. Now, I know one thing that God in His faithfulness does: He brings you to a place with plans to bring you only FARTHER.

“Congratulations, Kris, Beej, QOAM! God bless you more. And thank you for making us dayuummm proud! #Repost @krisaquino with @get_repost

Sharon Cuneta then quoted Kris Aquino’s words.

“Please know your heartwarming comments & posts have made me feel immeasurable GRATITUDE… i thank you for the effort to watch @crazyrichasians, some of you going multiple times w/ family, officemates, best friends, school barkadas, and your boyfriends & husbands…

“the eyewitness accounts of spontaneous applause & cheering in movie theaters nationwide when my character made her entrance in Colin & Araminta’s wedding, and most significant for me- the PRIDE you, the moviegoers felt in being FILIPINO during my few minutes portraying Princess Intan in @crazyrichasians

“this feeling of SOLIDARITY for the sake of our NATIONAL IDENTITY will forever inspire me to strive harder to promote & protect our values, dignity, and grace as a people…walking into the light, with sunbeams filtering in, i embraced the blessing because for that moment-

“I WAS YOU, and YOU WERE ME. #ilovethephilippines 🇵🇭 @krisaquino”


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