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10 Reasons Why Pinoy Audiences Will Get Hooked On GMA Network’s “Victor Magtanggol”

  • GMA Network’s Victor Magtanggol starring Alden Richards has finally been unleashed.
  • We counted down the Top 10 Reasons Why Pinoy Audiences Will Get Hooked on GMA Network’s Victor Magtanggol.

GMA Network has finally unveiled its latest teleserye starring Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards as the newest superhero Victor Magtanggol. The superhero fantasy series, originally titled Mitho, premiered on July 30, 2018 on GMA Telebabad replacing The Cure.

Inspired by Norse mythology, the series follows a Pinoy OFW who becomes the heir of the legendary Mjölnir of Thor, the Norse god of War and thunder after the god perished in Ragnarök.

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The series has drawn a lot of controversy long before it debuted, after being compared to the Thor movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The creative team behind the said series has since clarified that it is a unique spin on the Norse legend.  And now, the series has finally been unleashed. And the result is actually amazing.

We counted down the Top 10 Reasons Why Pinoy Audiences Will Definitely Get Hooked on GMA Network’s Victor Magtanggol!

10. Our undying love for superheroes.

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From Mars Ravelo’s Darna and Captain Barbell, Filipinos have an undying love for superhero stories. Remember the first time when you saw Angel Locsin donning the Darna suit? Or the time when Richard Gutierrez first lifted that magical barbell? Victor Magtanggol kind of reminds us of the good old days.

9. Fascination with Norse Mythology.

Image courtesy by GMA Network/Marvel Studios

Filipinos love Norse mythology, particularly Thor from the  Marvel Cinematic Universe. Remember Thor: Ragnarok?

Well, the Marvel movie had the best opening day gross for any Marvel Studios offering for the year 2017, grossing $7,800,000 (more than PHP 400 million) in our country alone, proving our love for the said mythology. And with Victor Magtanggol, we get to see a bit of Norse mythology too, with a glimpse of Thor, Loki, Freyja and Hel.

8. The Classic Campy Tone.

Camp and humor are always present in Pinoy fantasy and superhero series. Pinoys just love comedy in whatever genre. Take the Enteng Kabisote-esque approach of ABS-CBN’s Bagani, mixing pop culture and trending memes with Pinoy mythology.

Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube
Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube

And the same thing goes for Victor Magtanggol. Though at times, the comedy is a hit or miss, but it mostly works due to Alden Richards’ charms.

7. The Lavish Costumes.

Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube

One of the things that we really love about shows like these are the costumes and  Victor Magtanggol really nailed this part. Though at first, a lot of people were concerned that the costumes would look gaudy, once you watch the series, you’ll end up getting stunned with the beautifully crafted suits worn by the Gods and of course, Victor himself.

6. The Gorgeous Sets and Locations.

Of course, the creative team behind Victor Magtanggol had to put a lot of effort in giving us a glimpse of the world of the Gods of the Norse Mythology and they really did. The sets are all amazing and the locations used really added to the overall look and feel of the show.

Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube

GMA Network was really serious about this show and the results are staggering for a local teleserye!

5. The Visually-Stunning Effects.

Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube

GMA Network and Alden Richards made a promise to their viewers that the visual effects of the show will be first rate. And Victor Magtanggol did not disappoint. The opening sequence of the pilot focusing on the Ragnarok was totally impressive. The CGI really leveled up and improved a lot. It was a feast for the eyes.

4. The Unique spin on the Mjölnir.

Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube

Victor Magtanggol marks the First Filipino character to hold the mythical Mjölnir of the Norse God Thor. And since the series will not exactly revolve around Thor, but around Victor, the heir to the god’s Mjölnir, we will get to see a unique and original spin on the mythology, with a Pinoy twist.

3. The Action.

Image courtesy by GMA Network | YouTube

From the pilot up until its next episodes, we already got to see our Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards doing some action sequences. The series will surely hook viewers with its intense fight scenes and daring stunts every night once Alden puts on that Hammerman suit.

2. The Powerhouse Cast.

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Who would have thought that we will get to see big names in show business like Coney Reyes, John Estrada and Eric Quizon in one series? They even got former Game of Thones star Conan Stevens to play as Thor.

Plus they’ve got Andrea Torres, Janine Gutierrez, Chynna Ortaleza and Kristofer Martin among others.

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1. Of course, the biggest reason why Pinoy audiences will love Victor Magtanggol is its lead star, Alden Richards.

Image courtesy by GMA Network

His charming approach to the role was really a big advantage because he’s able to pull your sympathy and attention from start to finish. He’s just too adorable whenever he cracks a joke that even if it falls flat, you can’t help but smile. His passion and commitment to this project is very evident all throughout. Alden Richards really has gone a long way from his romcom leading man days. And we hope that he would continue to challenge himself to be at his best at all times.

Overall, Victor Magtanggol is a highly entertaining superhero series from GMA Telebabad that manages to exceed our expectations and will make viewers stay glued.

Image courtesy by GMA Network

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