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“WE ARE EXPECTING”: LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis celebrate #BabyContis2019

  • LJ Reyes announced that she is pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend, Paolo Contis.
  • LJ’s son, Aki Reyes reacted to her news.
  • Paolo Contis took to his own Instagram account to share the news.

LJ Reyes recently posted a photo on Instagram and video on YouTube, announcing the good news. Boyfriend Paolo Contis also took to his own Instagram account to express his happiness for #BabyContis2019.

Aki reacts to news.

LJ posted a video of her son with Paulo Avelino, Aki Reyes reacting to the news. At first, Aki didn’t want to believe that he will soon be a big brother. As soon as he understands the context, his eyes widened and he rushed to hug his mom.

In her Instagram post, LJ expressed how fortunate she was to have Aki as her son. She noted that she is not a perfect mother but she is resolved to raise Aki the best way she can.

“Some 8 years ago, I was blessed to carry a child that would bring so much joy and motivation and love to my life! I love kids! I am very fond of them! And having to bear mine was definitely a sweet surprise! It wasn’t easy. The road had been very rough for me. Maybe some of you witnessed it, maybe many of you did not. All throughout the path of motherhood, I had one thing in mind. I want to take precious care of this little angel that God has blessed me with! Raise him as His child and pour so much love into his heart! I hope I did good and still do.

It taught me a lot of things.
(And so much more!)
But most of all, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

I am not perfect and never will be. I am a work in progress in all aspects of my life. But I will continue fighting to be stronger. I will continue to learn, to be better. I will continue to pour out my whole heart,
Today, let me take a moment to delightfully share with you a beautiful news.❤️”

Screenshot from LJ Reyes (Instagram)

Paolo shares the news.

Contis confessed that he felt so lucky when he and LJ became a couple three years ago. He expressed how LJ stood by him, Paolo promised he will remain by her side all the way. He continued to express his gratitude for giving him the perfect gift.

God has blessed us with the perfect gift and we couldn’t be happier! We want to thank our families and friends who are as excited as we are.
And to you @lj_reyes … When we became a couple 3 years ago, I felt so lucky! With all the problems I had, all the baggage I carry, you still accepted me and became my partner and strength. Yes, we do have our bad days (dahil matigas ang ulo ko) but we always manage to be okay and happy… And now that we are expecting… I promise to be beside you all the way. You will never ever be alone. Thank you for everything my love! Mahal na mahal kita!
We feel so happy and blessed and we just can’t help but share this great news with everyone. Now, let’s celebrate!! 🎉🎉🎉 #BabyContis2019 😍

Screenshot from Paolo Contis (Instagram)


Written by Angela Baltan

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