Are we going to see Rayver Cruz soon in “Victor Magtanggol”?

  • Rumors suggest that Rayver Cruz will appear soon in “Victor Magtanggol.”
  • His rumored girlfriend Janine Gutierrez is part of the show’s cast.
  • What is certain for now is that he is busy introducing himself to GMA people.

Rayver Cruz is currently busy introducing and familiarizing himself on GMA Network grounds going from one department to another and let them know he is now a Kapuso.

The GMA Network management still hasn’t revealed any project for Rayver since his transfer, but speculations spread that he will soon be part of the “Victor Magtanggol” cast.

His rumored girlfriend Janine Gutierrez is in the show as the leading lady of Alden Richards. This means there is a probability that the network will assign Rayver to the show.

Although this is just a baseless rumor, fans already decided that he is a potential third-party of Alden and Janine’s love story in “Victor Magtanggol.”



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