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“Nagngingitngit ako!” Cherie Gil slams unnamed ‘entitled’ actor

  • Cherie Gil slammed an “entitled” actor in a Facebook post.
  • She doesn’t understand how the said actor felt so entitled to throw his weight around.
  • As of this writing, the said post has been deleted.

Cherie Gil recently slammed an unnamed actor on Facebook. She said that she could be strict with her cut-off time but at least she has earned it. She just could not fathom how a relatively new actor could feel “entitled.”

“Some actors feel entitled.”

According to Cherie, she doesn’t understand how the said actor could throw his weight around.

“With all due respect, that will absolutely take precedence over any of my limitations. What I don’t understand is that some actors feel entitled and have the right to throw their weight around regardless of any and all such considerations. BAKET??? HINDI KA PA PINAPANGANAK artista na sila at malaking kontribusyon sa industrya na pinagkikitaan Mo din ngayon! So BEHAVE ka lang diyan pwede?! Nagngingitngit ako! #Breathe”


Fellow celebrities and netizens alike replied to Cherie’s Facebook post.

Lea Salonga asked about the “swamp monster” to which Cherie replied that she won’t like “it,” too.

“Oh my gash, who is this swamp monster???”

“Promise you won’t like “it” too”

Noel Ferrer called Cherie her iconic character in Bituing Walang Ningning.

“Lavinia, I’ll get him/her out of your way, baka ano pa ang magawa mo… Hahaha! Miss you Cherie!!!”

Director and workshops facilitator Rahyan Carlos mentioned how he hates actors and actresses who feel entitled.

“I hate feeling privilege and entitled actors! miss you Cherie. kalma ikwento na yan haha. magbeer na nga lang tayo ng super cold”

“Kailan. ? Masisingit ba yung pending invite ko you think rahyan?”

Film director Quark Henares mentioned that this is how actors are today.

“Bookmarking this tsismis but you know what? Celebrities these days (I don’t want to call them “actors” because most of them aren’t) really lack the class that the older generation did ha”

Filipina actress and TV host Ces Quesada just replied with one word, “True.”

When asked about the blind item, Cherie replied:

“Pag magkita ang evil twin sisters natin Hindi na yan”

Ika-5 Utos Assistant Director Jo Macasa left a comment, referring to her character in Bituing Walang Ningning.

“She’s nothing…

Not even second rate or trying hard or a copycat. She’s nothing lang. #StarletSinceBirth”

TV personality Kim Atienza asked Noel to privately message him for more information and details about the blind item.

“dm me nga kumps #naintriga”

Actor Dwight Gaston pointed out that the said celebrity should have used common sense.

“Tsk tsk. Common sense lang sana yan.”

Cherie has yet to name who she was referring to in her Facebook rant.


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