HUGE WEIGHT DROP: Kris Aquino’s legal problem affects her physical appearance

  • Kris Aquino is currently in the middle of a legal skirmish. 
  • The legal problem had caused her to lose a huge amount of weight.
  • The said legal problem involved someone stealing from her sons’ trust funds.

Kris Aquino recently revealed that she is currently facing a legal problem which can affect can her children Josh and Bimby. In a lengthy post, Kris said that someone had broken her trust and stole money from her son’s trust funds.

The legal battle has made her lose weight in the last six weeks.

Truth wins.

In the said Instagram post, Kris noted that she is actually scared of people losing their trust once she revealed she’s losing her strength.

“Hirap na hirap po ako na may mga pinagtakpan sa inyo. Pinayuhan akong manahimik hanggang ma kumpleto ang due diligence. I’ve always been HONEST, sometimes to a fault. The reason you haven’t seen me post new pics is because i lost weight in the last 6 weeks, unable to eat or sleep properly…”

“you told me that you admired my STRENGTH- natakot akong baka mawala ang bilib nyo sa kin because i am now broken. But i decided to set myself free & share w/ you what affected me. My family advised me to have FAITH in our legal system.”

Legal problem.

Kris thanked Atty. Sig Fortun for helping her with her legal problem. She noted that her trust had been broken by someone she had faith in.

“I am grateful to Atty Sig Fortun for taking care of me for over 15 years, and i’m fortunate to now have Atty Florin Hilbay as part of my legal team. Broken trust is like shattered glass, as you try to pick up the pieces, your wounds bleed even more.”

“My PAIN comes from my fear that tens of tax paid millions from my sons’ trust funds, money i conscientiously saved for them because i made a deathbed promise to my MOM that Kuya Josh & Bimb will always come first, baka mawala lahat ng pinagpaguran ko para sa kanila. It is WRONG that the 2 BOYS I LOVE MOST, MY LIFE’S MEANING & INSPIRATION may suffer consequences because i was targeted & deceived by a person with no conscience. The settlement or legal battle will now be in the hands of lawyers i RESPECT, auditing and accounting firms i TRUST, the word of honor of his deeply shamed mother & sister that all my investments shall be returned, and our collective PRAYERS that JUSTICE for my sons will prevail…”

Kris added that this may be a challenge that God wanted her to go through. She finished her lengthy post by sharing she knows she’s fighting for the truth.

“Everything happens for a reason-maybe God made me experience this humiliation for me to have first hand experience na niloko ako sa pinaghirapan kong pera- dahil nga may BOSES ako at yung boses na yun dapat gamitin para MAGSALITA at IPAGTANGGOL ang mga napipilitang manahimik. I will continue to believe: ang TAMA NILALABAN. 💛”



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