Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon fly to Korea to shoot the K-drama “Where Stars Land”

  • Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon shoot a K-Drama in Korea.
  • Their upcoming project is titled “Where Stars Land.”
  • The said series will premiere on October 1 according to Lauren.

Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon had to shoot in Korea to have an authentic Korean vibe for their upcoming Filipino version of the K-drama “Where Stars Land.”

On September 16, Lauren Young posted on Instagram, “Peace out MNL. Heading to Korea with @piamagalona to become a KPOP Superstar. Treat ourselves to yummy food, their culture, and roam around this beautiful country for a week! Any recommendations on what to do and where to go?”

She also posted behind-the-scenes photos of the set.

Ejay also wrote on Instagram how happy he is for this new project, “Opportunity Unlocked! #grateful #falconatincheon”

And while they’re at it, the two artists also found time to go food hunting and shopping. Because who wouldn’t when you’re in Korea?

Official details of the K-drama are yet to be announced. Yet, Lauren gave her followers something to get excited about. She announced on Instagram that “Where Stars Land” will premiere on October 1. That’s in two weeks!



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