Mike Enriquez’s heart operation is a success!

  • Mike Enrique has been having treatment for his kidney disease.
  • He also recently had a heart bypass operation which was a success.
  • Joel Reyes Zobel confirmed the news in a DZBB program.

Mike Enriquez was on a medical leave which became the reason why he was absent on GMA Network TV and radio shows. He was having treatment for his kidney disease and had a heart bypass operation which became a success.

Successful operation.

According to Joel Reyes Zobel in a DZBB program, Mike’s heart bypass operation was a success. Mike has yet to come back to his job as he still needs to get some rest.

Joel wished Mike a speedy recovery and hoped the award-winning reporter could go back to work.

Medical leave.

In August, Mike issued a statement which explained his prolonged absence. He also promised he would be back soon.

“I am currently on medical leave. I am being treated for kidney disease and I am scheduled to undergo a heart bypass operation in mid-September. My doctors have told me that two to four weeks after my surgery, I will be able to return to my normal duties. In the meantime, it is best that I rest and avoid stress to avoid any medical emergency before my bypass.

While I am not yet back on the air, I continue to perform my functions as president of RGMA Network, Inc. and as Consultant for Radio of GMA Network, Inc. I thank everyone for their expressions of support and wishes for good health, and most specially for their prayers. My doctors are good and caring and God is great! I will be back!”



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