NUTAM, Kantar Media: How did “Ika-5 Utos” pilot fare in TV ratings?

  • Ika-5 Utos revolves around the Fifth Commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill.
  • The story currently centers on Clarisse, Eloisa, Kelly and their spouses.
  • NUTAM recorded the ratings for the series’ pilot episode.

GMA Network‘s newest afternoon series, Ika-5 Utos, revolves around the Fifth Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill.” The series opened with Eloisa’s (Jean Garcia) daughter. Her friends Clarisse (Valerie Concepcion) and Kelly (Gelli de Belen) were also introduced in the series.

Story arc.

Clarisse is Eloisa’s rich friend who isn’t happy with her husband, Emil (Tonton Gutierrez). He was Eloisa’s former suitor when they were in high school. This, however, didn’t affect their friendship. Clarisse even helped with organizing the party.

Kelly, on the other hand, is the materialistic friend who always argues with Clarisse. Arguments always start because of Kelly’s envy towards Clarisse. She also makes sure she has the same things as Clarisse. While Kelly’s stuff are fake, Clarisse has the authentic items. She is married to Benjie (Antonio Aquitania) and they have one child, Carlo (Jake Vargas).

Benjie told Kelly that Eloisa’s husband, Randy (Neil Ryan Sese) may or may not be cheating on her with other women. Kelly, then, informed Eloisa about this. Clarisse promised Eloisa she would watch out on Randy as they work in the same office.

Clarisse caught Randy flirting but reassured Eloisa that he’s not cheating on her. Still keeping watch on Randy, Clarisse started to doubt Emil’s capabilities as a man.

This prompted her to fool around with Randy, causing them to cheat on their spouses.


Ika-5 Utos won the ratings game against It’s Showtime with 5.7% while the latter had 5.1%.

Kantar Media.

It’s Showtime remained the leader of noontime with 16.2% while Ika-5 Utos only got 11.0%.



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