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“She’s always been supportive of me”: New Darna Liza Soberano wants to make Angel Locsin proud

  • Liza Soberano does her best to make Angel Locsin proud.
  • Angel has been defending Liza from bashers since she was announced to play Darna.
  • The filming of “Darna” is now in full swing but it won’t be released this year.

Liza Soberano wants to live up the reputation of “Darna” as exemplified by Angel Locsin. Liza revealed that Angel has been encouraging her to stay committed to the role despite criticism.

She shared, “Ate Angel has always been so supportive of me.

“I expressed to her how nervous I was about the role and how I feel like I’m not capable of living up to the expectations.

“She told me that she knows I can do it and that she always believed that I could be the next Darna.”

Liza also said that Angel Locsin has been defending her from bashers.

“I’m blessed to have her defend me from bashers. It’s rare to find people in the industry who genuinely care for each other.

“She’s one of the reasons why I want to do so well because I want to make her proud.”

The “Darna” movie was first announced in 2015 and Angel attached to the project. However, later that year, the actress suffered a back injury that she had to let go of the project.

Erik Matti, the director, waited for two years for Angel to recover but she announced it herself that she could no longer push through with the movie project. Two months after Angel’s public announcement, Matti chose Soberano.

Since then, Liza has been training for the role. And while she’s doing her best, bashers continue to undermine her efforts.

Angel released a statement in 2017 saying, “Huwag naman sana, kasi kung anong nangyari sa akin, walang kasalanan si Liza.”

The filming of “Darna” is now in full swing and Liza remains devoted to her training.

“On days when I’m not shooting, I train for about 3 to 4 hours, but on days when I do have work, I train for 2 hours max. My diet is low carb high protein. I eat mostly seafood and greens.

“Sundays are my cheat days, but that doesn’t mean I go all out. I choose a cheat meal the rest is clean.”

Erik Matti also revealed that they will be making some changes from the original “Darna” costume.

There is no word yet on the target playdate but Matti once said that they cannot possibly finish filming this year.


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