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“TRUTH WILL ALWAYS CONQUER LIES.” Did Jenine Desiderio react to Janella Salvador’s bruises?

  • Janella Salvador was recently seen with bruises on her right elbow.
  • Jenine Desidero posted a photo that may be related to her daughter’s bruises.

Jenine Desiderio recently posted a photo on Instagram with the text, “Truth will always conquer lies.” The caption on the photo was about truth with the hashtags of physical violence.

In earlier reports, her daughter, Janella Salvador had been the subject of rumors because of very visible bruises on her right elbow.


In the said caption, Jenine wrote that there is always one truth in every story. She then attached captions which raised suspicion.

“Truth is always objective. Based on facts. It is never subjective. There is only one truth in every story. It remains consistent, steadfast & congruent with facts. Any deviation from that just becomes a mere opinion, which is formed by one’s perception of info plus personal judgement. #NOtophysicalevidence #NOtomenwhophysicallyabusewomen”

Janella’s bruises.

Julia Barretto posted an Instagram Story of Janella. In the said post, Janella sported a red shirt and a colorful pajama bottoms.

Julia wrote “Chef @superjanella” below Janella’s right elbow.

Janella wrote a tweet on September 9, Sunday. The tweet, however, may or may not be related to the said bruises.

“I think everyone deserves someone who does not hurt them regardless if they’re drunk or not. Men who are raised properly are never supposed to hurt women no matter what. :)”

Janella has yet to speak up about the said matter.


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