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Darren Espanto breaks loose; calls out Juan Karlos Labajo for allegedly tagging him on Twitter as “gayness at its finest”

  • Darren Espanto has just called out Juan Karlos Labajo for “gayness” reply to his tweet.
  • JK and Darren’s rivalry started during their ‘The Voice Kids’ competition back in 2014.
  • Darren was with Team Sarah while JK was with Bamboo’s Camp, but the two became BFFs in the competition.

“The Voice Kids” alumni Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos Labajo‘s have ignited a social media word war after the latter’s alleged tagging of the former as “gayness at its finest” in a now-deleted tweet.

Espanto shared the alleged screenshot of Labajo’s tweet.

Darren pointed out that JK was just claiming that his account got hacked to get him-off-the-hook or clean his image and not get accountable for the said tweet.

He also did not mince words to JK: “Timing ‘no? Dinelete ng “hacker” mo yung tweet na ‘to after kang kausapin ng management. ‘Pag nahanap mo yung hacker mo puntahan niyo ako para malaman niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA.”

Labajo responded by saying that he already talked to Espanto about this issue privately, but Darren chose to air it out in public.

On this tweet, JK replied: “again @Espanto2001 i tried talking to you in private but you started this. gusto mo bastusan tandaan mo mas bastos ako sayo.

“nirespeto kita at kinausap in private but orayt ayaw mo so gawin nating public okay?”

Then JK revealed their private convo between him and Darren.

Darren and JK we’re BFFs even during the “The Voice Kids” competition where Espanto placed as a runner-up while Labajo got third place. The two allegedly had a falling out during JK’s stint on “Pinoy Big Brother”.

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