It’s a KOOL Day with KOOLFEVER–meet the newest ambassadors, Kristine Hermosa and son Vin

  • KOOLFEVER invited guest speakers to talk about how KOOLFEVER makes their mom life easier.
  • KOOLFEVER is designed to provide quick relief from fever.
  • Newest ambassador Kristine Hermosa shared about her experience using KOOLFEVER for her son Vin.

It was indeed a Kool Day with KOOLFEVER as they welcomed the newest ambassadors of the best-selling fever relief pads, Kristine Hermosa and son Vin. Following the launch of their commercial, the actress graced an exclusive event and talked about the challenges of caring for children when they are unwell.

Speaking from personal experience, the young mom relayed how KOOLFEVER’s gentle cooling gel sheets help alleviate her worries by providing her kids, especially one-year-old Vin, with quick and effective relief from fever.

“Vin can’t sleep when he has a fever. It’s hard to see him restless and uncomfortable, that’s why I’m grateful for KOOLFEVER. It’s easy to use and it helps bring down his temperature so he can feel better in no time,” Kristine says. “I’ve always trusted KOOLFEVER to help relieve my kids of their fever. It is a must have for me in my first aid kit.”

Mommymundo founder and CEO Janice Villanueva, who is also a mom of three, shared tips on how she combats fever whenever her kids were sick when they were still little. She said she always kept KOOLFEVER on her kit.

Each KOOLFEVER pad has a soft, bouncy gel made of 80% moisture that absorbs and disperses heat from the body. It’s formulated to sustain the cooling effect for up to four hours, and its texture ensures it stays in place even if your baby moves around while he sleeps. It is an effective alternative to a sponge bath, which helps provide relief from fever discomfort. Moreover, the gel has no coloring or fragrance, so it’s guaranteed to be gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Made by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan, KOOLFEVER comes in four variants: KOOLFEVER Baby, for infants up to 2 years old; KOOLFEVER Child, for those between two and 12 years old; KOOLFEVER Adult, and KOOLFEVER EXTRACOOL for adults. All variants are available in leading supermarkets and Mercury Drugstore outlets nationwide.

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