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Kelley Day talks about her ex-boyfriend Iñigo Pascual

  • Kelley Day talks about her previous romantic relationship with Inigo Pascual.
  • She said that their breakup was a mutual decision and admitted that she learned a lot from her ex-boyfriend.
  • The young actress wants to make a name of her own and not just a “GirlTrend member” or “Inigo’s ex-girlfriend.”

The former GirlTrends member Kelley Day reminisces on her breakup with ex-boyfriend Inigo Pascual.

The young actress transferred to the Kapuso network in the same month they both revealed that they’ve actually broken up.

According to Kelley in her recent interview, she learned so much from Inigo.

“I learned so much from him.

“That time, I was still new in the industry and, I think, the time na we had a relationship, we actually helped each other, parang we grew together.

“Then, parang na-realize namin we’ve grown and now it’s time to keep growing, and this is the way we’re gonna grow.

“It was a little bit hard. I still care about him also.”

She shared that Inigo taught him to follow and remain dedicated to her passion.

“If you just follow your passion, you stick to what you want to do with your career, you will achieve it.

“Right after nung sumikat na siya, yung song niya. It was his passion… he wasn’t just Piolo’s son anymore. Now he’s Inigo Pascual.

“If I see, like, a billboard or something, and it’s Inigo Pascual, I’m so happy for him.”

The young actress said that their breakup was a mutual decision, and a good decision at that.

For now, Kelley wants to focus on her career and wants to make a name for herself. She admitted that she’s somehow stuck to being tagged as “Inigo’s ex-girlfriend.”

She believes that transferring to GMA is the right path to start her career and she has no regrets thus far.

“That was really my goal… to create my own individual image. So, I think yun po ang nangyari sa GMA. It’s still developing pa.

“If I get noticed in the mall when I’m out, ‘You’re Kelley from TOTGA.’ Sometimes, parang sabi dati ng mga tao, ‘Ikaw yung isang GirlTrend. Sino ka?’

“Parang ganun, they don’t know me individually. That’s why I’m proud of the change of the image.”

Kelley Day is currently busy with her voice acting role in GMA’s upcoming anime series “Barangay 143.”


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