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Ms. Millennial 2018 Isabela deletes post after AlDub fans attack her for using the term “bae-by”

  • Miss Millennial 2018 Isabela posted an Instagram Story with the word “bae-by” on it.
  • This started AlDub fans to start doing what they do best, attack those who get associated with their idols.
  • Miss Millennial 2018 Isabela expressed how she couldn’t comprehend why she was being attacked and wouldn’t let it affect her performance.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza or collectively known as AlDub have fans who are notorious for attacking anyone who gets associated with their idols.

The most recent attacks are for Arjo Atayde who is reportedly dating Maine and the most absurd of them all, Zane Ann Deza Parel for only using the term “bae-by.”

Some of the actors and actresses who experienced (some still do) bashing from AlDub fans with no valid reason are: Janine Gutierrez and Andrea Torres for being Alden’s leading ladies in Victor MagtanggolJake Ejercito and Juancho Trivino for hanging out with Maine.

Patented word?

A patent or a patented term comes with a government authority or a license. This meant that the person or organization has the sole right to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention. The AlDub fans, however, never patented the words “bae,” “bae-by,” and everything that comes with it.

They, however, bullied Ms. Millennial 2018 Isabela to no end for using the said word.


Ms. Millennial deletes post.

Zane had a small question-and-answer segment in her Instagram account. She admitted that she shipped Alden with Maine. She revealed that she still fangirls over them even now that they work together.

The now-deleted Instagram Story may have included the words which started the AlDub fans to attack her.

In an Instagram Story, Zane expressed how she couldn’t comprehend the reason behind the attacks. She deleted the post so AlDub fans, which she later changed into “BASHERS” would stop attacking and bullying her.

“I posted a story with the caption “bae-by” all in good fun with no bad intentions. I can’t even begin to comprehend why I’m being attacked for something that basically meant nothing. Would ask people to watch the video again and tell me what’s wrong with it, but just so AlDub fans [BASHERS] would stop attacking and bullying me, I’d GLADLY delete the post.”

In another Instagram Story, Zane won’t let the attacks to affect her performance in the show. She expressed her gratitude towards the people who continue to support her.

“Nonetheless, the video, and the attacks that have come along with it will not affect my performance on Saturday. I would still do my best to represent my ever-beautiful Province, Isabela, and will continue to do so even after the pageant. I would also like to thank everyone supporting me. As I’ve said, kayo ang aking lakas at inspirasyon. This incident has taught me to be more careful in my future endeavors. Thank you!”


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