SEPTEMBER 2018 OVER-ALL TV RATINGS: ABS-CBN tops Kantar Media; GMA Network dominates NUTAM

  • Rival networks both claim TV ratings lead in September.
  • GMA Network proclaimed number one by AGB Nielsen.
  • ABS-CBN took the crown, according to Kantar Media.

ABS-CBN and GMA Network are both claiming to have TV ratings lead for September 2018. The results came from the two TV ratings survey company, AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media.

Kantar Media.

ABS-CBN got an average audience share of 44% for the month. According to the research, GMA Network had 33%. Kantar Media used a nationwide panel size of 2, 610 urban and rural homes which represent 100 percent of the country’s total TV viewing population.

In the primetime block, ABS-CBN had 47% compared to GMA’s 34%.

In Metro Manila, ABS-CBN had 41% while GMA earned 28%, Total Luzon recorded Kapamilya network to have 39% as the Kapuso had 36%. In Total Visayas, ABS-CBN had 53% while GMA earned 25%, Total Mindanao recorded Kapamilya network to have 51% as Kapuso had 26%.

Kantar Media recorded 8 out of 10 highest rated programs in September were from ABS-CBN, led by the most-watched FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

In the morning block, ABS-CBN had 41% while GMA earned 32%.The Kapamilya network led the noontime block with 44% while the Kapuso had 32%. ABS-CBN also led the afternoon block with 43% versus GMA’s 32%.

AGB Nielsen.

GMA Network posted an average total day people audience share of 41.1% which reportedly beat ABS-CBN’s 37.1% In the morning block, GMA had 38.2% people audience share versus ABS-CBN’s 34.3%.

In the afternoon block, GMA tallied 41.2% while ABS-CBN managed to get 37.1%. In the evening block, GMA dominated with 42.3% as ABS-CBN managed to scrape by with 38.3%.

The Kapuso network dominated areas are Urban Luzon and Mega Manila which account for 72% and 59% of all urban viewers in the country. GMA had an average total day people audience share of 46.7% in Urban Luzon versus ABS-CBN’s 30.8%.

In Mega Manila, GMA Network had an average total day people audience share of 48.6% ahead of ABS-CBN’s 27.9%.

NUTAM recorded 9 out of 10 top-rating programs in September were from GMA Network, led by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.



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