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Top 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Move On From “Exes Baggage”

  • “Exes Baggage” is now showing in cinemas nationwide. It stars the one and only hugot queen Angelica Panganiban and one of today’s most sought-after leading men Carlo Aquino, under the helm of Dan Villegas.
  • We give you our Top 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Move On From “Exes Baggage.”

Everyone is already talking about the latest hugot film from Dan Villegas, the director who gave us some of the best local romance films in recent memory like “English Only Please,” “Walang Forever,” “Always Be My Maybe,” and “How To Be Yours.”

His latest romcom, “Exes Baggage” brings back one of the popular love teams from the late 90’s. Known as CarGel, the film stars the one and only hugot queen Angelica Panganiban and one of today’s most sought-after leading men Carlo Aquino.

Angelica and Carlo’s first teleserye together was the family drama “Familia Zaragoza” (1995) where they played siblings Angelica (played by Angelica Panganiba, obviously) and Miguel Lagrimas (Carlo Aquino).  They were then paired in the 1999 youth-oriented series “G-Mik” where she played Jelai, a girl who has a crush on her best-friend Jun- Jun who is played by Aquino. The two reunited in the Piolo-Juday teleserye “Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka” (2001) as Abby and Eman, followed by “Berks” (2002) where they played Nicole and Aries.

They were paired again in Star Cinema’s blockbuster comedy hit, “Ang Tanging Ina.” In the film, Carlo played Dimitri ‘Tri’ Montecillo, Ina’s (Aiai Delas Alas) third son, a smart student who’s currently dating rich girl Gretchen (Angelica Panganiban). Her parents soon found out that Ina resorted to becoming a stripper to support her family. She broke up with Tri but they eventually got back together.

Given their long history of projects, it’s no wonder why their pairing have earned them quite a respectable amount of fans. That’s why a lot of people have been anticipating the return of their team-up in Black Sheep Productions’ first movie offering, under the direction of Dan Villegas.

So since their latest film is already out in cinemas, let me give you our Top 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Move On From “Exes Baggage.”

10. A lot of guys will relate with Nix. Carlo Aquino plays Nix, a guy who was left by the girl he was supposed to marry. After his break-up, he thought he was already ready to fall in love all over again. He and Pia became a couple, but then he realized that he might just not be over with his ex yet. A lot of guys in the audience will surely relate to his character as many are guilty of this.

9. Pia is our Spirit Animal when it comes to Love. Pia, played by Angelica Panganiban is the type of girl who never stops believing in the power of love. Despite having a lot of bad relationships (including having one with a married man), she is still willing to love again. We see ourselves in her character, the ever hopeless romantic who still believes that soon, the right one will come.

8. Nix is the kind of guy who’s willing to do everything and anything for you. He is willing to be your waiter, standing by your side in a tight tuxedo or your personal driver. He doesn’t care at all. He is wiling to be anyone and do anything for you. Just like what he said to Pia, “Kahit ano. Kahit sino. Basta para sa’yo, Ms. P.”

7. Their characters’ sense of humor. Both Pia and Nix have pretty sarcastic and wicked sense of humor. It was so fun as we watch them have an exchange of witty banter about exes and past relationships. “Ganda pala ng labels natin, no?” Nix said to Pia. “Isang iniwan sa altar at isang ginawang kabit.”

6. “Jowa!” Unlike most couples who call one another ‘Babe,’ ‘Love,’ and other cheesy terms of endearment, Nix and Pia prefer to call one another as “Jowa.” This actually sounds funny and cute at the same time. So don’t wonder if your girlfriend/ boyfriend starts calling you “Jowa” after watching the film.

5. The flirtings. We just can’t get enough of all the flirtings between Nix and Pia. In one particular scene, Pia asks Nix, “Nagsex ba tayo”. He responds, “No” since she fell asleep. To which she replies disappointedly, “Bakit?”

Speaking of flirting, one of the must-watch moments of the film is Nix and Pia’s first love scene together. It starts off really, really awkward and hilarious. Then, it turns sexy and romantic.

4. Carlo Aquino singing to Angelica Panganiban while dancing will melt your heart. That moment when Nix offers Pia an imaginary glass of wine was really cute. Then, he ends up singing Ben&Ben’s “Maybe The Night” while dancing with Pia which was the most romantic thing I’ve seen in the movie. Just imagine Carlo Aquino singing that to you while dancing with him.

3. You don’t need to buy love anymore. A lot of us think that money is the most important thing in life. We think money makes this world go round. Because money can buy you so many things. Pia once said, “Love na lang ang hindi ko kayang bilhin.” But then, Nix tells her, “Hindi mo na yun kailangang bilhin. Sayo na ko, eh.”

The film wants to remind us that you don’t need to have all the money in the world to buy love. Real love.

2. The hugot is so deep. Unlike most romance films nowadays which resort to having dozens of hugot lines all over the film, “Exes Baggage” focuses more on a much-deeper type of hugot. Instead of laying down everything through hugot lines, audiences will feel the pain more with the way the strains of Pia and Nix’ relationship impact them as a couple.

In one of the most heartbreaking moments in the film, Pia confronts Nix. “Kung di mo na kaya, Nix, sabihin mo lang. Sanay naman na ako, eh.” That last line sounded so true to almost everyone.

1. Despite the hugots and heartaches, there is always hope. Nix and Pia are a reminder to all of us that despite all the pain that we had, we should never give up on love. “Paulit-ulit kong isusugal ang puso ko, maramdaman ko lang ulit kung anong meron tayo noon,” Nix confesses to Pia. This proves that it’s better to keep on loving, despite all the pain. It’s better than to stop loving at all.

“Dapat ganun yung love,” they said. “It overpowers the pain.”

Aside from the amazing performances from Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino, the film is also a great showcase for the love team’s oozing chemistry and potential, as director Dan Villegas works his magic again. This is definitely the hugot film of the year!

Catch “Exes Baggage,” now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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