Vice Ganda catches “It’s Showtime” cameraman sleeping

  • Vice Ganda spotted the man behind the camera, sleeping.
  • The cameraman immediately sat up after being caught.

During It’s Showtime segment, Miss Q & A, Lars Pachecho ended her advice to the ladies with a witty remark. Vice Ganda stood up from his seat with co-host, Anne Curtis.

The comedian walked near the audience and in front of a sleeping cameraman.

The witty remark.

Lars was one of the judges for the Miss Q & A segment in the episode. She pointed out that the planet does not live for us.

“At the end of the day, I just wanted to say to everyone that the world is not ours. We just belong to it. Thank you.”

Anne applauded and praised Lars’ comment.


Vice commended Lars while walking towards a sleeping cameraman.

“Nagpakilala naman si Lars Pacheco! Talagang nagpapakilala siya. Sino kaya ang mga susunod na magpapakilala sa atin, ladies and gentlemen?”


The camerman immediately sat up and held the camera up, laughing.

“Biglang gumalaw! Instant!”

Vice tagged the cameraman as a “tulogeña.”

“Ang ating cameraman po ay isang tulogeña.”



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