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Anne Curtis admits she’s fond of teasing people; but feels touchy when the joke’s on her

  • Vice Ganda shares how Anne Curtis is when bad-tempered.
  • He said that Anne initiates bullying only to end up the one crying in the end.
  • Now, Vice and Vhong Navarro had to make up to Anne about something she started in the first place.

Vice Ganda reveals something very personal about Anne Curtis. We know Anne as a happy-go-lucky and charming individual, but we don’t know her grumpy side.

Luckily, we have Vice Ganda to share it publicly.

Anne Curtis admits that she easily gets into a misunderstanding with someone. She explained, “Kasi malakas akong mang-asar. Tapos kung sino yung malakas mang-asar ‘yun pa ‘yong mga pikon.”

Vice Ganda seconds her statement. Anne would initiate bullying, and when the bullied fights back, she will immediately cry.

Vice elaborated, “Mang-aasar siya. ‘Pag pinatulan mo iiyak siya. So, ‘pag umiyak siya edi siya na ‘yong kawawa.”

They also added that Anne always walks out when she starts crying.

Vice continued, “Tapos hindi pa hihinto ‘yan. ‘Pag naawat, ihahagulgol, magwa-walk out, de-derecho sa dressing room.

“Kami naman bahala ka kung gusto mo mag-walk out. Kami work pa din kami. Pag-upo namin, aba, haba ng text (message).

“’Di pa rin siya tumitigil! Nag-walk out na nagte-text pa! Ang lagi niyang kinakagalit, walang nagre-reply.”

Vhong Navarro also revealed that the things that got to her are itemized in Anne’s text messages.

So, how do they comfort Anne when she’s grumpy?

Vice revealed, “Si Vhong lagi niyang pinupuntahan si Anne after one day. Pinupuntahan niya sa dressing room.

“Ako talaga hindi ko talaga, hindi ko papatulan yung text niya. Deadma. Wala akong pakialam.”

But, Vice said he always apologizes by trapping Anne when the cameras are already rolling. So, Anne cannot escape.

Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, and Vhong Navarro are real-life friends and their bond is further strengthened by being co-hosts in “It’s Showtime.”


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