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WAIT, WHAT? Car crash scene in “Inday Will Always Love You” fails

  • Erika, Inday and Patrick were in a car crash.
  • The crash, however, is not believable and surely doesn’t make sense.

Erika (Kim Rodriguez) tried to strangle Inday (Barbie Forteza) with a bag strap as she sits at the back of a car while Patrick (Derrick Monasterio) drives a new white sedan.

Not only did Erika’s attempt failed, Inday Will Always Love You production made the crash ridiculous.

Here are reasons why:

Swerving = Steering.

When the cameras pan and show the car swerving wildly, Derrick was steering the wheel quite timidly. Aren’t they supposed to be connected? If Patrick has the steering wheel in control, the swerving wouldn’t happen.


In the scene, they were supposed to crash into a barricade which didn’t happen.

Different cars.

Patrick was driving a white, and seemingly new, sedan. After NOT hitting the barricades, an entirely different and outdated car was shown to drop into the water.

Gravity and physics.

The car crashed into the water upside down which meant the next shot should be Erika, Inday and Patrick positioned the same way. They, however, were right side up which, in gravity’s point, doesn’t make sense.

The scene just doesn’t make sense.

Sorry, Inday!


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