Calum Scott brings an awe-inspiring night on his very first concert here in Manila

The British singer-songwriter recently came to Manila for the very first time for the concert tour of his album, Only Human.

Calum Scott became well-known after joining the talent search Britain’s Got Talent that opened a lot of opportunities for this artist. He later on released his own rendition of Dancing On My Own that hit the hearts of million listeners that led him to finally record his own album.

The Kia Theatre was filled the night of October 30,2018 with enthusiasm. Isabela Vinzon performed different songs of Lady Gaga as well as her single ‘Right Now.’

It was when Scott entered the stage that made the crowd go wild. He performed his hit singles such as ‘Coming Home’, ‘Won’t Let You Down’, ‘Hotel Room’ and ‘What I Miss Most.’

His repertoire from purely high energetic pop music to doing an acoustic version of ‘You Are The Reason’ was really amazing.

The middle of the show is where Calum started sharing his story of coming out. He had this identity crisis ever since he was a kid and it took a lot of courage to finally embrace what he really is. He said that music is one of the best reasons that gave him the hope to come to terms with his situation. It was then that he released his single ‘No Matter What’ that talks about acceptance from those who truly care about you and that love prevails as long as you are honest enough with what you really feel. The artist became very emotional after singing the song.

Before he ended the night, he told the crowd that he is really learning Tagalog. Phrases such as ‘Paano mo nasabi?’ and ‘Mabuhay’ were his favorites.

It was indeed a night of nothing but pure music and passion. Pinoy fans were excited to see him again. Calum left the crowd with a message of learning to accept and give love no matter what. He ended the show singing his hit song ‘Dancing On My Own’. The event is made possible by Ovation Productions.



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