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Camp of Housemate Art Guma of “PBB: Otso” denies involvement in a sex scandal?

  • PBB: Otso housemate Art Guma is allegedly involved in a video scandal.
  • PBB Art Official Fan Page released a statement that the video was a hoax.
  • Those who watched have mixed reactions and opinions on Twitter. 

Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemate Art Guma was recently involved in a video scandal. Many of his fans and PBB: Otso viewers went crazy over the 18-second-video.

Those who watched have mixed reactions and opinions.

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PBB Art Official released statement.

“To All PBB Art Guma’s Fans,

Please read carefully!!!

We’ve been receiving personal messages and heard different allegations regarding Art Guma’s scandal. Once and for all, there’s no such evidence supporting to determine the accusation. THUS, it’s a false accusation. Issues like this usually arise as TACTIC to badmouth someone else’s popularity. Let’s be a captain of our own boat. Don’t be deceived!!!!! All of these are HOAX!!!! (Gawa-gawa lamang).

Please spread! Like and share!!!”

Force eviction?

Many Netizens thought that if the scandal turned out to be true, Guma may or may not be asked to leave the PBB house indefinitely.

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB chose to remain strict on what the show would air. They filter out the content that may not be suitable for children; and these include talk on contraceptives and very “intimate scenes.”

Mixed reactions.

One Netizen was shocked to know that the young housemate has a scandal.

“Art Guma has a video scandal @PBBabscbn”

They, then, replied to his own tweet expressing that they have watched the video a long time ago.

“Sis wala ako copy, pero matagal ko na sya napanuod hahahaha”

Another Netizen detailed that they have a video of Art’s scandal and is inviting people to ask them for a copy.

“Art Guma scandal who wants?”

One Netizen pointed out that if they spread the video, they could potentially suffer consequences.

“Try to spread and you’ll suffer the consequences.”

Other Netizen, however, asked for a copy.

“pahingi sis”

One Netizen expressed how much they enjoyed Art’s alleged scandal.

“mood: enjoying Art Guma’s scandal. HAHA!”

A Netizen saw Guma’s scandal and added their own input.

“So I saw na the allegedly art guma scandal”

“I said “I saw” meaning I don’t have any copy plus his 17 let’s give the kid the benefit of the doubt. Atleast peace.”

Another Netizen expressed their dismay on the scandal being publicized and spread.

“So I’ve seen the sex scandal clip of PBB’s Art Guma. Hindi porque he supports LGBTQ community and one of us, eh magkakalat na ng mga ganung klaseng scandal. Reputation is one of our great assets we need to protect.”

A Netizen has a message for the one who made the video public.

“To the person who started spreading the sex scandal of Art Guma, remember you will might be sued once he got outside the PBB house.”

One Netizen asked people to stop spreading the video.

“Let’s stop spreading the “alleged video scandal” of Art Guma. PLS. Yes, kumalat na ang video; Dami ng nakapanood. BUT… the point is, we may not totally eliminate the problem, but we can “minimize” it. Art has star potentials. Let’s not take that away from him.”

Another Netizen reminded that Guma is still loved even with the alleged scandal.

“Art Guma is Art Guma with or without scandal, he is still loved.”


The production has yet to speak up about the said issue.


Written by Angela Baltan

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