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“Darna” starring Liza Soberano suspends shooting for another two months

  • “Darna” producers announced to suspend shooting for two months.
  • This is due to the recent change of director.
  • Antionette Jadaone took this chance to offer Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil a movie project.

The upcoming “Darna” movie starring Liza Soberano is having a rough time to proceed.

First, Liza was questioned if she is fit for the role. Second, the original director Erik Matti stepped down and was replaced by Jerrold Tarog.

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Now, the movie is facing another bump on the road. The production announced that they will be suspending shooting for two months, November and December, due to the shift of directors.

Since Liza has no other on-going projects, she will be idle for two months.

However, this might not be entirely bad news.

Director Antoinette Jadaone recently pitched a script to Black Sheep Productions and she hopes that LizQuen can play the lead roles.

The director revealed that she has long wanted to work with LizQuen.

Antoinette Jadaone is the director behind a roster of successful films including “That Thing Called Tadhana” in 2014, “You’re My Boss” in 2015, “Love You to the Stars and Back” in 2017, and “Never Not Love You” just this year.

The director is used to working with popular love teams and LizQuen would be perfect for the job for her next movie.

Details of the proposed movie are yet to be revealed. No matter. At least we’re sure Liza Soberano won’t be idle for months.


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