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Julia Barretto bites back at basher who was furious that she couldn’t attend Joshua Garcia’s birthday party

  • Julia Barretto bashed for saying that she could not attend Joshua Garia’s birthday party.
  • The reason was that she was sick that day.
  • Apparently, she forced herself to grace the party and spent a lovely evening with Joshua.

Julia Barretto knows how to handle her bashers very well. The young actress carefully picks who to ignore and who to get back at. Unfortunately for the netizen under the account name “cherry,” Julia retaliated to her.

It happened very recently on Twitter.

Joshua Garcia, Julia’s onscreen partner, is holding a grand birthday celebration for his 21st birthday which happened a month ago – October 7.

Upon hearing that Julia could not attend the celebration, a netizen with the alias “cherry” was enraged.

The basher even dug up a long-buried issue that Julia is simply “using” Joshua to gain fame.

Julia directly replied to the basher who threw aggressive and toxic words against her. She wrote, “Oh Cherry. I did say I was sick but did I ever say I couldn’t make it?

“Are you mad at the fact that I’m sick or the fact that I’m the woman who owns and holds the heart of Josh?

“See u later. I won’t be hard to find, I’ll be the beautiful woman holding his hand.”

That’s Julia replying with sass. However, Joshua was not happy at all when he saw it.

The actress indeed went to the event and even gave a heartwarming speech for her beau.

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia shared a romantic dance to delight everyone.


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