Miss Earth 2018 loses viewers when transferred to GMA Network, dropped more than 7% compared to last year

  • Miss Earth 2018 probably reached its all-time lowest TV rating.
  • The beauty pageant appointed GMA network as their exclusive TV partner.
  • The TV rating result is according to Kantar Media.

Miss Earth producers had high hopes that they were in good hands with GMA Network. Turns out, they were wrong.

According to Kantar Media National Urban and Rural, the TV ratings for this year’s Miss Earth dropped significantly over twice its ratings in the previous years.

Since 2012, Miss Earth’s TV ratings played around 12% to 14% when they were handled by other networks.

This year, the rating dropped about 8% its performance in 2017.

Miss Earth 2018 only got 5.7% this year.

Here is the table of Miss Earth TV ratings from 2012 to 2018 according to Kantar Media:

This is probably the reason why this year’s Miss Earth didn’t make much noise.



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