What’s wrong? Netizens question this drowning scene in “Onanay”

  • #OnanayPangamba was called out because of loopholes and funny execution.
  • Natalie and Maila were seen in a drowning scene after they fought on a speedboat that exploded in the middle of a sea.
  • Oliver tried to save them both and failed to do so because the two females were carried  away (at least that was the idea) by the waves (to which seemed serene as seen on the video) and were swept and got stranded in an island.

Onanay recently aired an episode with a hashtag, #OnanayPangamba. The scene featured Mikee Quintos, Kate Valdez, two other female co-stars and Enrico Cuenca.

The episode, however, was called out because of loopholes in its direction of an ‘envisioned’ incident.

Dahil sa paddle… Nagkaroon g short circuit, nagcause ng fire…

And boom!

These girls obviously can swim…

Pero nung papalapit na ang bangka… Oooops! Nalulunod na sila!

And Enrico Cuenca… Hindi makapamili kung sinong sasagipin:

Ang walang life vest na si Mikee Quintos…

O ang OA na si Kate Valdez.

TAKE NOTE: May kasama pang bangkero si Enrico Cuenca, walang malalaking alon, maliwanag ang kapaligiran…. But!

Hindi nasave ang dalawang girls at napunta sila sa isang isla.

#OnanayPangamba Episode.

Natalie (Valdez), Louise (Jenzel Angeles) and Wendy (Liezel Lopez) connived on a next-level bullying session against Maila (Quintos) in the middle of the sea during their school retreat. After a ramble, the engine on the speedboat exploded when someone suddenly hit with a thing (which was something out-of-context). Was it a paddle or a shovel or an axe? Why was that thing present on the said sea vehicle? Would it really cause the engine to explode?

Oliver (Cuenca) was riding a wooden boat and tried to rescue the four girls, but failed to recover the two girls Maila and Natalie.

Some points were raised. How on earth was Maila swimming properly at one point and then on the verge of drowning later?

In a scene, Maila was almost near the wooden boat but on a long shot, Maila was already too far from the wooden boat. What was the logic of it? Was she swept away by the serene waves?

The two other girls were able to climb the boat. Oliver already get hold of Maila but had to release her in order to save Natalie. However, the most unfortunate thing happened, the scene that the production was trying to achieve was that the two were being swept away by an invisible raging waves. Oliver left the two.

Dissolved to next scene–the two got stranded in an inhabited island.

Netizens reacted.

“”I try to save her! “-Oliver Really?? Kaloka! Weak!”

“Today’s episode was dumb. Oliver held on to Myla (who had no life vest) to save her from drowning. Then left her to go to Natalie —who had a life vest on… then stopped half way to Natalie and ended up going back to the boat?”

“Truly! And if malakas yung current, hello Oliver should’ve been with them too!! ALSO, THE BOAT DIDNT BOTHER TO GO CLOSER YO I COULD GO ON HAHA MAGAARAL NALANG AKO BRB HAHAHA”


“Paki ayos po ung script. Boyfriend ka tapos hawak mo na girlfriend mo na walang life vest tapos binitawan mo to rescue someone na may life vest and you don’t even like?? Stupidity. Maila should break up with Oliver for this betrayal”

“Nakakainis. Please treat your audience better. Today’s audience are smarter. These little loop holes just won’t fly and the audience will feel insulted.”

“Nakakaasar si @enricocuenca binalikan pa si natalie may life vest yun..si maila binitawan pa..”

“Yung situation ni Oliver na whom to save between Maila & Natalie eh yung madalas itanong na: “If the ship you’re on sank & two of your loved ones (BF/GF & parent/sibling) are drowning, who will you save?””

“Nakakainis tong Onanay e 😒 Nung una, Maila can swim tapos nung dumating sina Oliver biglang nalunod?”

“And Nathalie has a life vest. Kaya nga life vest diba? Para hindi malunod? Ugh. 🙄”

“And Oliver is just stupid. He left his girlfriend na walang life vest, for someone cruel na may life vest na nga nag-iinarte pa.”

“Nako GMA. I’m not an expert with this pero hindi rin ako tanga as well as the other viewers. So yun lang 😏 You can do better than this guys.”

“I always watch this show but sometimes it’s too annoying. The writer & director of this show should play it well. It is so dumb to focus on saving a person who has a life jacket than someone who doesn’t. Viewers are not dumb! Have some sense”

“Name a scam: Oliver trying to save Maila and Natalie”

“Sobrang nakakatawa ng scene sa pagrescue ni Oliver. Unang-una, may life vest sa Natalie, so mas safe sya. Si Maila na gf ni Oliver at walang life vest, nahawakan na, binitawan para puntahan si Natalie. Tapos iniwan din so walang na save 😂”

Compilations on show loopholes usually include Kapuso episodes such as Kambal Karibal and Victor Magtanggol.



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