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PhilPop 2018’s Five Songs that need some Re-Work

There are songs that easily capture the hearts not just of its intended audience, but the general public. Listening through the 10 Finalists, frankly I have identified five songs that needed some re-work in order to impress well the listening market.

Though varied in its line-up, still I think that songs mustn’t lose that sense of commercial appeal even if has to say something important.

Loco de Amor: Que Horror?

The Latin-injected sound may be sensual as it tried to be and at the same time funny; but for me it didn’t work well.

The song by BennyBunnyBand could have achieved that commercial appeal if they could have gotten the real Maja Salvador to appear in the music video.

In describing the feeling of being in love and how one can go crazy via a language that is mixed with gay lingo or anything seemed misplaced and it didn’t actually create that comic relief (if that was the real intention). For me, the Latin part was awfully mixed with a rapping-like tone in delivering some lyrics of the song.

The strings being played in the music video sent me to sleep rather than being engaged. I personally couldn’t place myself in a situation as described in the song. Still pondering what could blend well with the Latin-inspired song.

Being crazy of love could have worked if they chose to execute the music and the lyrics in a more ‘serious’ sensual way as opposed to incorporating humor into it.

Ako Ako: A Reflection of Man’s Violent Reaction.

The Feel Day feat. Hans Dimayuga song has presented witty lines of two guys expressing their feelings toward one woman; competing for the woman’s affection and attention; if who between them deserve her love.

The lyrics are playful, the twist was unpredictable. It made it relatable for most guys who are immature and are not really ready for any responsibility when the situation is presented to them.

It’s a cutesy commentary on male’s usual violent reaction, normal yes, but I felt there was something lacking when the music video concluded.

Though it made the two men ran away from a responsibility and that none of them won the woman’s heart—it still left a bad impression on how men usually react on certain concerns.

Isang Gabing Pag-ibig, a Love Song that’s Difficult to Dig.

The song started quite well, but when the line ‘isang gabing pag-ibig’–it didn’t quite appeal to the ears. It’s not about the lyrics, not even the tune—it was just the off-placement of the pitch and that aforementioned line that was chosen to be the song title as well.

Not too sure if it was really intended, but frankly, that line shook the whole intention of the song.

The production design of its music video is beautiful, the waves in the beginning of the music video and the one that was in the final scene made sense as ‘bookends’; referring to an unsettled past between two people.

That man’s dream became a reality when he finally met the woman who has been disturbing his mind and was wondering what the thought of her kept on coming back. Personally, the presence of the boy (was quite difficult to dig) along the shores gave me a conclusion that both the man and the woman had a thing.

Kariton is an Inspiring Song and Station ID jingle-in-the-making.

Acapellago’s Kariton is already compelling in its storytelling and tells a story of a man’s journey, his determination to survive, to live through his wooden wagon or ‘kariton’.

Though it’s a song of hope, a celebration of life that will surely pinches the hearts of its listeners. The song is just similar to a station ID jingle. The usage of wagon as a subject of the song—represented a poor man’s journey and who chose to live a path of decency amid poverty.

In its simplicity, it endangers the song to be ‘too’ limiting which could have been executed in a more dramatic way. The simplicity of its interpretation sounded like telling a lullaby.

Yun Tayo: A Possibly Hit ‘Hugot’ Song.

Gracenote’s Yun Tayo could have taken the line ‘taken, taken for granted’ as its title and not Yun Tayo. It has more recall.

Among the five songs in this list, this could easily hit the charts. It is a simple statement or ‘hugot’ song for those who found themselves in a relationship that are being taken for granted by their partners.

I love the song’s danceable sound. Apart from the line ‘taken, taken for granted’ another option for its title is option lang ako’.

Yun Tayo could likely snatch a spot as Top Five in case. It can even beat Nanay Tatay.


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