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PhilPop 2018’s Top Five to Likely Hit the Charts

From the 10 Finalists it the upcoming PhilPop, on its fifth year, it is not surprising to find two Visayan-themed songs which could likely be potential hits in the mainstream music scene.

Here are the Top Five Picks:

Landing in fifth place is Di Ko Man.

It may be a Cebuano song, but its message is universal. Di Ko Man by Ferdinand Aragon is a reflection of how one is capable of doing everything and anything just to express one’s love and affection to the one that matters to him or her.

A moving love song, treated in a light manner. It has that certain sound that can be endearing to the mainstream market. Give it a good boost and a promotion—the song has great potentials to be a hit.

The words of Gina Lake, author of What about Now?: Reminders for Being in the Moment, reminded me that: “When we give freely, we feel full and complete; when we withhold, we feel small, petty, impotent, and lacking.”

Next is Tama Na.

Tama Na is a song that tells a story of two people trying to get out from a bad romance or a relationship.

Though sad, the lyrics provide its listeners with an advice of making such difficult decisions in order to save themselves from further troubles. Each word reminds those who are deeply hurting to let go and give themselves the chance to live again and to be happy.

What makes this song unique? It showed individuals to breathe and start anew even if it means to be hurt in the process.

This Katrina Velarde-interpreted song is ideal to be a theme song for a romantic-drama film.

Number 3: Julian Trono’s Pilipit.

Very light and fitting for the Generation Z-ers, the song is upbeat and danceable.

Among this batch of finalists, this has more promise to appeal to the younger audience. Its lyrics are easy to sing-along with and has the pop sound that evokes good vibes.

The song may not be that ambitious in making a statement, but it simply created a sound that is very NOW and easy to the ears to make people feel good about how it is to be in love.

Another Choice—the Number Two Spot—Laon Ako.

Kakai Bautista being the interpreter of the song and with her personality as a comedic singer; she was able to give it a humorous and light take. It’s like looking into someone who is single for the longest time.

Such topic is rarely discussed but is often the subject for ridicule by most people—being unmindful of the feelings of a Laon. The song can be an anthem for women already in their prime and are still single. Being single doesn’t mean one doesn’t know anything about love. In fact, can just be a momentary status.

The song tells the struggles of single women, but can be an effective tool to affirm them. Singlehood can be considered as a ‘curse’ but a blessing to others. It has perks that aren’t attached to anyone who is in a relationship or married.

What the song needs is to put it more spunk; make stronger ways of singing Laon Ako. It is an empowering song for single ladies out there. It can be a novelty hit song like Babae Po Ako or Titibo-tibo.

Nanay Tatay: Timely and Ultimately the Winner.

At first, the song may seem to be playful, but as the song have progresses and the music video presents the sad plight of a child who finds himself in a horrible state.

The song may have painted a nagging truth about life, a child lost in a chaotic world; his dreams were shattered due to wrong influences.

Nanay Tatay is an unlikely song to rival the popular song of Freddie Aguilar’s Anak, but it could shake the listeners and serve as a ‘cry-for-help’ song. It has the appeal to be more understanding and loving toward today’s youth particularly those who are victimized by wrong circumstances.

These five songs have something to say. The issues or the topics are not new anymore, but the lyrics managed to stir the perception of its intended listeners or even the general public.

The number one song is not a love song but a simple gesture of a child’s yearning for love, for support or even care. The five songs still spotlight LOVE.

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