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What Makes Maymay Entrata Different Among The Other Female Celebrities

  • Maymay Entrata has been every brand’s favorite endorser
  • Here’s why Maymay Entrata has been receiving numerous projects this year
  • Megan skincare line recently launched Maymay Entrata as their first-ever brand endorser

Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Big Winner Maymay Entrata has been every brand’s favorite endorser lately giving her numerous projects. Even famous fashion designers like Furne One loves her. The young actress recently became the first-ever face of the skincare line, Megan.

So what makes Maymay Entrata stands out among other female celebrities?

According to one of Megan’s brand executives, Maymay has a witty nature, caring attitude and a personality that radiates confidence.

“With a witty nature, a caring attitude, and a personality that radiates confidence, Maymay surely embodies the brand Megan, a brand which name stands for strong, capable, practical and true to one’s self- qualities Megan and Maymay share.”

When the young actress asked about her edge among the others, she shyly answered that maybe being true to herself is something that makes her different among anybody else.

“Pero siguro po ‘yong pagiging totoo ko lang sa sarili ko. Siguro ‘yong hindi ako nagkukunwari na iba ako.”

From the day that she started in the industry up until now, nobody from the production people has yet to complain against her.

A lot even complemented her kindness and humble heart which everyone hope will stay.

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