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10 Reasons Why Kids (and Kids-at-heart) Will Love “The Grinch”

  • We’re here to give you 10 Reasons Why Kids (and Kids-at-heart) Will Love “The Grinch”.
  • “The Grinch” is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

From the studios who brought us the beloved blockbuster films “Despicable Me”, “The Secret Life of Pets” and “Sing” comes “The Grinch”. Illumination and Universal Pictures join forces for their eight fully animated feature, based on Dr. Seuss’ holiday classic.

Featuring the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Cameron Seely and Angela Lansbury, and narrated by Pharrell Williams, “The Grinch” follows the cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit.

We give you 10 Reasons Why Kids (and Kids-at-heart) Will Love “The Grinch”.

The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) warns his dog Max and reindeer Fred about the seductive power of the Santa cookie as he trains them to help him steal Christmas in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

10. It’s a Dr. Seuss Classic!

Dr. Seuss’ 1957 book “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!” has been adapted several times, from the 1966 television special to the 2000 live-action adaptation featuring Jim Carrey. This marks the third screen adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic, and the second Dr. Seuss adaptation by Illumination, following 2012’s “The Lorax”.

The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) prepares to brave the relentless holiday cheer of Whoville with his loyal dog Max in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

9. The Gorgeous Animation.

Illumination is an American film and animation studio founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007 who brought us the Despicable Me franchise, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing. They are known for their colorful and visually stunning animated films. And “The Grinch” is no exception. Of all the impressive design achievements in The Grinch, the re-interpretation of Whoville is one of the most spectacular. From the pages of Dr. Seuss’ classic book, Whoville comes to life on screen and is now a bustling, twinkling mini-metropolis, packed with vibrant color and visual splendor.

(from left) Cindy-Lou Who (Cameron Seely) and her best friend Groopert (Tristan O’Hare) bask in the beauty of Whoville at Christmas in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

8. The Wholesome Humor.

Families will surely enjoy “The Grinch”, with its lighthearted humor. The screenplay written by Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow packs the film with loads of jokes from start to finish. There are a lot of really hilarious (yet wholesome) gags in the film that will send kids (and kids-at-heart) bursting into laughter. So if you are looking for a funny film to watch with your family, this one’s a must-see!

With the aid of mechanical candy cane, the Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch), disguised as Santa, steals every bit of Christmas from the homes of Whoville in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

7. It’s Perfect For The Holidays!

“The Grinch” is the perfect early Christmas treat for audiences. Aside from the non-stop laughs, you might find yourself shedding a tear or two while watching it. “The Grinch” is not only funny, it is also a heart-warming tale of love and forgiveness. It’s about finding a place in the community, and the feeling of belongingness. It is teeming with Christmas spirit that will surely leave a warm and fuzzy feeling to everyone who’s watched it.

(from left) Cindy-Lou Who (Cameron Seely) helps liberate the Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) from his grumpiness in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

6. There’s a Lot of Lessons To Be Learned.

“The Grinch” is a film with a message that touches the heart and resonates long after people leave the theater. Aside from the celebration of Christmas, the film touches many life lessons that kids can learn from watching it. It follows the Grinch as he goes through an adventure that eventually changes his perspective in life forever. He learns how to forgive and redeem himself along the way. It will show viewers that with acts of compassion and kindness, we can vastly improve the lives of others, and we can change our world for the better.

The film is full of lessons that resonates not just for the holiday season, but for us all, all year round.

The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch, center) gets more than he bargained for after he captures a lackadaisical reindeer named Fred (left) to help pull his sleigh, and learns that Fred would much rather snuggle with the Grinch and dog Max (right) in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

5. The Adorable Characters.

“The Grinch” is full of adorable characters that kids (and kids-at-heart) will surely love. There’s the cute little Cindy-Lou Who and her kid squad (Groopert, Izzy, Ozzy and Axl), whom she enlists to help her execute her plan to trap Santa. Then, we have Max, the Grinch’s loyal canine companion. But my most favorite of them all is Fred, the reindeer. He’s one of the new characters likely to become every kid’s favorite plush toy. A rather portly reindeer, he crosses paths with the Grinch early in the planning stage to steal Christmas as he attempts to capture a reindeer to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve. After the Grinch takes him, he quickly becomes a sweet comic foil to all the Grinch’s grumpiness.  Also, he’s a really good snuggler.

(from left) Laid-back Axl (Ramone Hamilton) and wise-cracking Ozzy (Sam Lavagnino) are the friend squad of Cindy-Lou Who (Cameron Seely), along with brainy Izzy (Scarlett Estevez) in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

4. Pharrell Williams is the Narrator!

Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams is the film’s narrator. He tells the story of the Grinch and misadventures as he tries to steal Christmas from Who-ville. The Narrator serves a crucial role in The Grinch, not only helping establish the tone of the storytelling, but also creating essential context around the story itself. When the filmmakers began thinking who could best fill that role, one person immediately rose to the top of the list. Pharrell Williams had written the score, themes and songs for the studio’s 2010 hit Despicable Me — his first collaboration with the studio — and had gone on to work on every film in the franchise, including writing his Oscar®-nominated smash “Happy” for Despicable Me 2.

Cindy-Lou Who (Cameron Seely) gets ready to mail her letter to Santa in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

3.  The ever-cheerful Cindy-Lou Who.

Cindy-Lou is a young girl overflowing with Christmas spirit and holiday cheer who plot to trap Santa Claus with her gang of friends as he makes his Christmas Eve rounds. She plans to ask Santa to make her overworked single mother happy. But eventually, her good-natured scheming threatens to ruin the Grinch’s evil plot. You will surely love Cindy-Lou’s charms and good nature. Kids will definitely look up to her with her positive outlook in life and her strong love for her mother.

Cindy-Lou is voiced by Cameron Seely.

The Grinch and Max.

2. The Grinch and Max.

The Grinch lives a solitary life inside a cave on Mt. Crumpet, just outside of the town of Who-ville. He lives with only his loyal dog, Max, who’s always there to serve him and support him. Along the way, their bond became more than just a pet and an owner, eventually turning into family. Everyone will surely love their funny and heartwarming moments together. Benedict Cumberbatch says that Max is far more than just a pet. “Max is the Grinch’s best friend. Max is all things to the Grinch. He is a barista, a manservant, a sleigh puller, friend, consoler, companion, guard dog, kind-of-indifferent drum player. He’s a remarkably adept dog… He’s very lovable, and his loyalty to the Grinch is sort of heartbreaking. He’s so loyal to this miserly, green guy. It pays great dividends by the end, but it’s a long road for Max.”

Max is voiced by Frank Welker.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch is “The Grinch”!

Academy Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch lends his voice to the beloved grump Grinch. One of Britain’s most popular actors, he have played Smaug, the terrifying dragon from the final film of “The Hobbit” trilogy, William Ford in the award-winning drama “12 Years A Slave”, Khan Noonien Singh in the scifi adventure “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, Dr. Stephen Strange in the MCU’s “Doctor Strange”, Alan Turing (a role which almost earned him an Oscar) in the biopic “The Imitation Game” and Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock”, the role that solidified his status. But this year, we get to see him bring one of the World’s most beloved characters, the infamous Grinch.

One of the reasons why he agreed to the role was the decision to dive into the Grinch’s backstory and psychological makeup. “It was important to me that we told the story of someone who had a reason for his behavior, before his conversion,” Cumberbatch says. “Once you understand why Christmas is painful for him, you kind of root for him a little.” Plus, he says, playing the Grinch was often just great fun. “He’s very witty and he’s self-aware. His heart may be two sizes too small, but there’s a very strong beating heart to this film.”

The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) is confronted by the unchecked Christmas joy of Whoville in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

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