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A Notting Hill-like Love Story in ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’

For 19 years now, the 1999 romantic comedy film set in Notting Hill, London that bore the same title of its setting may just be repeated in one of the official entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018The Girl in the Orange Dress.

Anna Scott as portrayed by Julia Roberts in the aforementioned box-office hit British film will be revisited through the adventures and misadventures of Jericho Rosales’s role in this Quantum Films and Star Cinema co-production. But what made it different is that Rosales is breathing into a character of a popular local actor named Rye Del Rosario.


An Actor’s Relatable Struggle.

Though the movie title is pointing to a girl who wore an orange dress, the film is a reflection of what most celebrities are complaining about—that they are all humans; and have feelings, too. Thus, they are entitled to be vulnerable at times.

That’s how Rosales’s character is trying to tell the public who has been prying on his private life.

As Rye, he woke up in bed one morning; beside a woman whom he just met the other night from his exclusive birthday bash. He met the nameless woman assumed by Jessy Mendiola, the first female who didn’t recognize him as a celebrity and didn’t go head-over-heels on him (not at all because the woman was already drunk).

This film is not an acting piece for Jericho. He didn’t get to show any intense emotion but it was obvious that he did enjoy his role and it was such an ease for him to be Rye. It was a slice of who is as a celebrity and like the actor that he portrayed, he had shared the struggles of most celebrities like him.

Clearly a Jessy movie.

Anna Elizabeth Villegas is Mendiola’s character, the girl who rocked the world of Rye’s fans and the entertainment circuit.

There is no denying that in this film, Anna’s name was intended to be the same first name that of Roberts’s character in Notting Hill.

Jessy is bursting with life, an individual that caught the actor’s eye because of being a non-fanatic of show business and enjoyed her company on the night they both spent together when they ran away from the party.

That was the very reason why Rye got enamored on Anna or was it the kiss that she gave him?

This film is but fitting for Jessy’s comeback after her last TV appearance via You’re My Home (2015-16) and the action-comedy flick Extra Service (2017). Fitting into the orange dress is already enough to make the needed buzz.

Showing the Side of Possessive Fans and Hungry Press.

Considered to be a venue on addressing matters about crazy and possessive fans as well as press who are hungry-for-stories; this movie has somehow succeeded in painting snippets of faces that represent such sectors.

But the most notable character is Kakai, to which Ria Atayde has effectively breathed into. A nomination is good for her. She’s one of Anna’s best buddies (who has been gaga over Rye Del Rosario). She’s the type who goes out on a limb for as long as it is for her obsession over the actor. Her confrontation with Anna was one for the books.

The supporting actors who played the media people—Juan Miguel Severo, Via Antonio, Cai Cortez and Nico Antonio were humorous and scene-stealers, too. The said four theater actors were effortlessly depicted by them.

The Jay Abello film is one riot, hide-and-seek film between an actor, the fans and the press. It’s quite great that the social media component was also discussed in the film. How a small matter can be blown up to be a huge issue by a mere post, like and share.

The Girl in the Orange Dress is an effective depiction of how showbiz life can be a lot crazier especially when an actor opts to pursue his private life. The public even becomes curious and demanding to the extent of disrespecting the privacy of two humans like Rye Del Rosario and Anna Elizabeth Villegas.

But, if were to re-title the film, I would probably title it as: Strangers on the 18th Floor.

This December 25, tag along Rosales and Mendiola as they try to escape from public’s scrutiny and be a trending topic. Catch both Kapamilya stars in cinemas nationwide.


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