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BALON, BALON, BALON. Eagle-eyed viewers spot a fail in this “Ika-5 Utos” well scene

  • Kim Rodriguez and Klea Pineda had a scene in the forest in Ika-5 Utos.
  • In the scene, Kim and Klea fell in a well.
  • Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a fail in the said scene. 

Ika-5 Utos featured a fail on Monday, December 17. Brix (Jeric Gonzales) used to date Roxanne (Kim Rodriguez) and later became a crazy ex-girlfriend. She, then, took and tortured the love of his life, Candy (Klea Pineda). Roxanne took Candy in the forest and decided to leave her there for dead.

Roxanne threatens Candy’s life.

Candy and Roxanne fought in the forest where the latter thought of an idea to let the other fall into a well and rot there. Her plan, however, didn’t happen like she thought it would.

They fell where Roxanne ended up getting injured. 

Netizens react.

Eagle eyes notice a fail.

Candy pushed Roxanne off of her. The latter, then, barrelled herself into the other causing them both to fall. The well, however, has a small opening which made eagle eyed viewers wonder how they both fit.

When they both fell, the well suddenly became a huge space. It is also well-decorated with leaves and branches.

Candy and Roxanne barely fit together as they fell in the opening of the well. When they reached the bottom, both of them were able to lay down with plenty of space around them.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.


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