Elmo Magalona on his current state: “I’m doing fine naman, keeping my focus”

  • Elmo Magalona is doing fine amid issues this year.
  • According to his interview with MJ Felipe, he would avoid love teams and having a love life.
  • Janella Salvador accused Elmo of physical abuse.

Elmo Magalona admitted that it has been a challenging year for him. MJ Felipe was able to interview Elmo in a charity event on Saturday, December 1. He, however, didn’t mention Janella Salvador‘s physical abuse accusations against him.

How is Elmo?

Magalona disclosed that he is doing fine. He expressed his gratitude toward the support of his family and friends.

“I’m doing fine naman, keeping my focus… And I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and love of my family, friends and ‘yung mga sumusuporta sa akin.”

Elmo learned his lesson.

Magalona was asked what lessons he learned during 2018. He disclosed that he will avoid love teams and having a love life. He, however, didn’t mention the struggles he had.

“You need to keep good company around you al the time. So, that ma-feel mo that you’re not alone.”

Janella accussed Elmo of Physical Abuse.

Although Salvador noted that she didn’t want anyone to hate Elmo, she wanted to clarify the false assumptions against her and her mother, Jenine Desiderio. The issue and rumors started when Julia Barretto posted a photo of Janella with visible bruises by her right elbow.

The young actress had an exclusive interview with Philippine Star entertainment columnist Ricky Lo. Janella revealed that the first time Elmo mistreated her was when he had a drink. After Elmo apologized and claimed he didn’t remember ever hurting her, Janella forgave him and gave him a chance.

The reason behind Janella’s confirmation was not to put hate or shame on Elmo. She wanted to correct the lies being told against her and especially her mom who had done everything she can for Janella’s own good. Janella noted that she gave Elmo a chance to own up with what he did but he still remained silent.

ElNella appears in Canada concert.

Janella and Elmo were together in Canada despite their serious rift. According the photo above, they promoted One Magical Night Canada 2018 Tour with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

That was the first time they were together after Salvador’s revelation.



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