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Erwan Heussaff’s unstoppable drive for adventure

  • Erwan Heussaff’s unstoppable drive for adventure
  • Like Erwan, be unstoppable with the Samsung Galaxy Note9

2018 is coming to an end, and Erwan Heussaff’s wrapping up 12 months’ worth of adventures. From January to December, the content creator was all over the world, from the Philippines’ best-kept secret paradises to vast African plains. All the while, he captured astonishing sights and documented diverse cultures.

Driven by a desire to explore and learn, Erwan is unstoppable in what he loves to do the most. Here are two of the Filipino-French’s favorites from his jam-packed year.

Exploring the coastlines and caves of Eastern Visayas

Erwan took every opportunity to capture the wonders of Samar with his Galaxy Note9.

In a series of vlog episodes called Going Coastal, Erwan went to Samar last August to visit the island’s stunning shores and complex cave-river systems. On his first day, he drove down south to Calicoan Island, an up-and-coming surfer’s paradise. After being greeted by locals, Erwan wasted no time in answering the call of the ocean as well as capturing the pristine coastline.

The following day, the chef drove up north to another surfer hub, Borongan. Eager to try out local cuisine, Erwan headed to the local market to buy ingredients for linubihan nga kinis, a local seafood dish made with mud crabs, ginger, turmeric leaves, bell pepper, aromatics, coconut meat, and coconut water.

Erwan learned how to cook this scrumptious seafood dish from the locals in Borongan.

To cap off his island adventure, Erwan went to the heart of Samar on his last day to explore the cascading Pinipisakan Falls and the expansive Sulpan Cave. “Getting there wasn’t easy. Our boat broke down and we trekked for hours before reaching the caves and falls,” shares the vlogger. “But that didn’t stop me from getting great photos of the forest and landscape with my Galaxy Note9. I still had power left after many hours of shooting outdoors.”

Conquering the peaks and plains of Kyrgyzstan

The following month, Erwan flew to Central Asia to explore the mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan. Raring to experience the nomadic lifestyle, the connoisseur and his Kyrgyz friend Chip drove to the peaks south of the pristine Issyk-Kul lake. They were greeted by Chip’s uncle and aunt, and a feast filled with lepyoshka* and local jams.

*Lepyoshka is a dish-shaped flatbread that is integral to Central Asian cuisine.  

After helping himself to sweet treats, Erwan took to the great outdoors while Chip’s family prepared prime cuts of lamb for the evening. “The plains and peaks extend as far as the eye can see, and the winds were gusting forcefully. It was nature at its rawest and most rugged.”

At the latter part of his Kyrgyzstan adventure, Erwan watched the World Nomad Games, an international competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in the region. With delegates from international communities, the event showcased diversity in the form of performances, grand attires, and action-packed games. “I had a splendid time documenting various cultures from around the world. I kept taking quick snapshots with my Galaxy Note9 without worrying about running out of storage.”

Unstoppable content creation anytime, anywhere

Through all these adventures, Erwan utilizes a state-of-the-art assortment of gadgets, including the Galaxy Note9, to shoot his videos and take note of the smallest details. The powerful smartphone helps him take clear photos and jot down ideas quickly, no matter the circumstances.

“There were so many times during my trips where breathtaking sights or artistic inspiration would appear out of nowhere. I’m glad that my Galaxy Note9 is smart and capable enough to capture these moments. The Intelligent Dual Camera adjusts well to any subject or condition, so I always get great shots.”

With more travels in store for the content creator next year, it’s only a matter of time before we see another well-produced vlog from Erwan.

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