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Miss USA receives backlash for commenting on non-English speaking fellow Miss Universe candidates

  • Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers mocked non-English speaking Miss Universe candidates.
  • She was talking to Miss Australia Frances Hung and Miss Colombia Valeria Morales; mocking Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie.
  • She, then, looked down on Miss Cambodia Rern Nat for not speaking English as well.

Miss Universe 2018 candidates are currently in hot water for making fun and mocking non-English speaking contestants. Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers was talking to Miss Australia Frances Hung and Miss Colombia Valeria Morales about their opinions on Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie. Netizens, however, are not pleased.

Miss USA, Miss Australia and Miss Colombia mock Miss Vietnam.

In an Instagram Live session, they mocked and laughed at Miss Vietnam. 

Miss Australia said, “Oh my God, she’s so cute!”

Miss Colombia interrupted and replied, “Fashion!”

Miss USA, then, ridiculed Miss Vietnam’s way of speaking English.

“She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English, and you ask her a question and after having a whole English conversation with her, she goes—”

She imitated what is presumably Miss Vietnam’s smile then laughed insultingly. 

Miss USA expresses shock over Miss Cambodia not knowing English.

Miss USA continued to look down on candidates who don’t speak English like Miss Cambodia Rern Nat.

“Miss Cambodia is here but she doesn’t speak any English and not a single other person speaks her language. Can you imagine?”

Miss USA turned to Miss Colombia and said, “You at least speak pretty good English.”

Miss Australia interrupted and said, “And you have your Spanish.”

Miss Colombia mentioned that fellow Latino Miss Brazil Mayra Dias also couldn’t speak English but Miss USA mentioned, “There are other women who speak Portuguese.”

Miss Australia thought how hard the situation must be, Miss USA said, “Poor Cambodia.”

Netizens express dismay.


“Miss USA truly representing Trump’s America in the #MissUniverse2018 stage. The ignorance. She just sent herself home along with Australia and Colombia. English is not the only language in this world, @sarahr_summers and it’s not mandatory to speak it.”

“Miss USA is an absolute bully!! It’s called “Miss Universe” NOT “Miss English””

“Miss USA talking shit about Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam about not speaking english AS IF sis can have a conversation in any other fucking language. English isn’t even the fucking official language of the United States. Check yourself”

“What a shame! Instead of gossiping about other contestants @MissUniverse @sarahrosesummer @MissUSA you should look at yourself. Ask a question, is your comments is 1. Respectful?2. Does it hurt another? U don’t deserve to represent miss USA”

“To Miss USA pointing out Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia’s inability to speak ‘great english’, Shut your ass up! You are a lame image of bigotry. Your narrow-mindedness is messing up the entire Miss Universe pageant.”

“Miss USA just disabled her instagram comment section. Just a few minutes ago, she kept on deleting the bad comments about her bullying issue.”

“How about you Miss USA? Can you speak their language?”

#MissUSA mocking and laughing at #MissCambodia and #MissVietnam for not speaking decent English. This is purely arrogant and plain disgusting #MissUniverse @MissUniverse take some note!”

“Oh my God, Miss USA. Like, not everyone speaks English. Cause, like, despite your superiority complex, like, every country that’s like represented by the women in that pageant, is like, a sovereign nation, that like, has its own language, and like, di kami mag-aadjust sayo, like.”

“Miss USA is trash and even though clearly has no chance at winning needs to be eliminated for her xenophobic comments POS #MissUniverse2018 also sad that Miss Colombia is caught in the middle of it simply by hanging with her, guilty by association.”

“Dear Miss USA a.k.a Miss I-only-speak-one language, there is a whole world out there outside of the united states of America and English is not the only spoken tongue. Most of the other girls are bilingual.”

“shutaaa you don’t make fun of Cambodia and Vietnam, Miss USA and Miss Australia just because they can’t fluently speak in English. I’m scrapping you off of my Top 20 because of your rude attitude.”

“Absolutely enraged that Miss USA, Miss Australia and Miss Colombia made fun of Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam for not being able to speak fluent English, TRASH!”

“So there’s a video of Miss USA, mocking Miss Vietnam because of her limited English. She prefaces it as Vietnam pretends to know many English phrases but not really because when she tries to have a conversation with Vietnam, she just smiles & nods.”

“And the blonde bitch laughs her donkey laugh and says but Vietnam’s cute tho. 🙄 Typical American. Making derisive comments but put spin it in a complimentary tone so they don’t come off as offensive. I’m tired of it.”

“I’m ashamed that this person is repping the USA in the @MissUniverse pageant. #SarahRoseSummers should be removed and replaced w/ a compassionate and inclusive participant. Watch the videos of her mockery #racist #Cambodia #MissUSA”

Netizens reminded Miss USA that the world doesn’t speak English.


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