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Netizens call out “PBB Otso” housemate Sansan Dagumampan on Homophobic criticisms against Bisexuals

  • Star Dreamer Sansan Dagumampan called bisexuals “kadiri.”
  • Fellow Star Dreamer Missy Quinio defended bisexuals.
  • Sansan, however, insisted her disgust.

Pinoy Big Brother: Otso contestant Sansan Dagumampan received backlash after calling bisexuals “kadiri”. In a clip from the show’s 24-hour live stream, it featured the Star Dreamers talking about bisexuals, members of the LGBTQIA community who get attracted to both males and females.

Star Dreamers talked about Bisexuals.

Sansan was with other Star Dreamers Missy Quinio, Reign Parani, Ali Abinal, Kirst Vertudez, Reign Parani and Kurt Gerona.

Sansan was the first one to speak and said, “Sobrang pogi ng lalaki tapos bisexual.”

One male Star Dreamer said “Sayang” off-screen. Sansan looked at him and agreed.

Missy, then, defended that bisexuals get attracted to both males and females.

“Di naman, kasi kung bisexual, pwede babae.”

Sansan expresses her disgust on bisexuals.

Sansan cut Missy off and declared her disgust.

“Pero kadiri kaya.”

Missy stopped her and noted how bisexuals are happy with it.

“Uy! Eh, kung masaya sila dun.”

Sansan cut her off again and said:

“Kadiri kaya ‘yung pumapatol ka sa babae at sa lalaki.”

Kirst and Reign looked uncomfortable with the conversation and changed the topic.

Netizens called out Sansan.

Bisexuals, allies, LGBTQIA+ advocates and other members of the community took to Twitter to express their dismay, hurt and concern.

“I pity those people who think like Sansan. It’s not disgusting to be a bisexual, honey. It’s not disgusting to be in a relationship with the same sex. It’s not. Somebody please educate her. 🙏 I pity her way of thinking. 😔”

“Walang nakakadiri sa pagiging bisexual. Ang nakakadiri ay yung taong hindi marunong mag-empathize at ayaw lawakan yung pag-iisip.”

“Sansan!! You are a piece of poison. You don’t respect bisexual and generally, you discriminate LGBTQ community. You don’t have any right to disrespect any lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer people. You don’t promote gender equality. You are toxicating us. 🙄”

“Sansan is obviously against LGBTQ. The way she described “bisexual” as “nakakadiri” like girl, do you know what EQUALITY means? Ps. Stop stabbing people behind their back”

“Well I thought sansan has a lot of gay friends but btch y is dis??? excluded ba bisexual sa mga tanggap mo sis?”

“I like how missy reacted in response to sansan saying “nakakadiri kayang maging bisexual”. Simpleng pagsiko in defense to all bisexuals. I love how open minded missy is. 💖”

“Bakit “nakakadiri” kami? Bc we chose to love the same gender? Or we can love both genders? Do we affect the way you live? Do we interfere in your fvckin’ life? Do we spread epidemia? Do you think this is a fvckin disease? Well, if you hate the LGBTQIA, God bless you dear.”

“hoy sansan, do u really need to tell everyone na nakakadiri ang mga bisexual? How could you be so insensitive knowing you’re being seen & watched live. Napaka homophobic. ABS-CBN should do something about this. However I do appreciate Missy for what she did.”

“Nakakadiring pumatol sa kapwa lalake/babae. -PBB Sansan -Okay. There’s a thing called respect and a thing called equality. Girl, you’re crossing the line. Kabastusan at kamangmangan na ang pinapakita mo. You are an uneducated, homophobic, ugaling eskwater kind of idiot.”

“okay, sansan from pbb said na kadiri mga bisexual…. homophobic aleeeert ⚠️⚠️⚠️”

“Sansan being rude about bisexual validity already made her red carpet out of camp starhunt, and locked her doors from pbb house. ‘Kadiri’ is clearly a degrading term. Criza calling art ‘bakla’ is another one. Its 2018 at nandidiri pa rin kayo sa mga bakla?”

“I’m done. May eviction ba sa Camp Star Hunt? I want sansan out. coz seriously why not? PBB is survival show I know but you also need to softened the heart of the viewers. But sansan just shows her bluntness which are not in place anymore 😞Kaya ayaw ko manuod nang updates. Sayin.”

“Thank God for Missy, who told Sansan it doesn’t matter if someone is bisexual as long as they’re happy. If and when I meet Kurt and Sansan in person, I want to sit them down and educate them on SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression).”

“i dont wanna add more hate to this girl sansan, she’ll find her way out. it’s just unfair for bisexual people like myself who have always found it hard to explain ourselves & our sexuality to others & then just be called ‘kadiri’. WE. ARE. VALID. 💜💙💖”

Star Dreamers are Pinoy Big Brother: Otso who are living in Camp Star Hunt, a place outside the main PBB house. They aren’t official housemates yet but they are battling for the spot to move to to the main house.


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