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SINIPA PALABAS: ‘Ika-5 Utos’ confrontation scene goes viral

  • Ika-5 Utos went viral on social media.
  • Emil (Tonton Gutierrez) demanded Clarisse (Valerie Concepcion) to leave his house.
  • When she laughed and disagreed, he literally kicked her out of the house.

A confrontation scene between Emil (Tonton Gutierrez) and Clarisse (Valerie Concepcion) in GMA Network’s Ika-5 Utos went viral on social media. The afternoon series also stars Jean Garcia, Gelli de Belen, Jake Vargas and Inah de Belen.

Clarisse cheats; Emil annuls marriage.

In the episode, Clarisse is married to Emil who annulled their marriage after he found out that she cheated. Emil was supposed to marry Eloisa (Jean) but Clarisse planned an accident which caused him to develop amnesia. She manipulated Emil into thinking that they were still together and asked him to marry her again.

When Emil regained his memory, he planned to file another annulment case against Clarisse. She, then, used her daughter Candy (Klea Pineda) and brainwashed her to stop Emil to purse his plans. In the confrontation scene, Clarisse went to Emil’s house and sat on an office chair.

Emil expressed his anger and demanded her to leave the house.

“Get out of my house and get out of life kung ayaw mong ipakulong kita!”

Clarisse pointed to the wedding ring on her finger and reminded him that they are still married.

“I’m still your wife, kaya hindi mo pwedeng gawin ‘yun.”

Emil, then, threatened Clarisse and gave her a choice:

“Mamili ka: aalis ka o sisipain kita palabas ng bahay na ito?”

Clarisse laughed and didn’t believe Emil could hurt her.

“You can’t do that to me.”

Emil grew angrier and grabbed Clarisse’s chair and literally kicked her out of the house.

Netizens react to confrontation scene.

“Hahaha e di sinipa ka tuloy ni emil palabas ng bahay clarisse!”

“Ung literal na sinipa palabas ng bahay😂😂”

“Aalis ka o sisipain kita palabas??? Ohhhh eh di nakatikim ka ng flying kick sa the gulong na upuan… Hahaha para ka tuloy sumakay sa rides…. Hahaha”

““Aalis ka o sisipain kita palabas?” Hahaha literal na literal ang pagsipa sa labas eh hahahaha”

“Tawang tawa talaga ko sa “Aalis ka o sisipain kita palabas” ng GMA. hahahahahhaha No chill”


“Kakaiba toh, “aalis ka o sisipain kita palabas?? ” 😅🤣”

“Aalis ka o sisipain kita palabas ng bahay na to😁😁😁😉”

Ika-5 Utos remained under Laurice Guillen‘s direction.


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