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What happened? 11 Most Memorable and Viral TV Fails in 2018

  • Eagle-eye viewers spot fails in ABS-CBN and GMA Network news and entertainment shows.

ABS-CBN and GMA Network work hard to produce quality news and entertainment shows. There, however, are fails that viewers suddenly spot which goes viral.

Here are the most memorable TV fails in 2018:

Dead person picks his nose in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

An eagle-eyed viewer spotted a scene in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano where policemen are zipping up body bags. One “dead person,” however, picked his nose right at the center of the screen.

Nurse doesn’t know how to do CPR in Kambal Karibal.

Carmina Villaroel‘s character in Kambal Karibal is fighting for her life while her daughter, Bianca Umali cries out for her. There was a poor professional research which led the supposed heartbreaking scene into a joke.

Viewers were quick to notice the nurse who performed poor CPR as no chest compression was applied.

This scene has so many plot holes. A doctor was behind another nurse who was only peeking with blank emotions as if the hashtag for that episode, #KKAgawBuhay, isn’t happening. Shouldn’t doctors be taking charge since the patient is between a life-and-death situation.

Bianca intentionally crawled over the barrier in Kambal Karibal. 

This show doesn’t rest with fails, does it? Funnily enough, after Bianca’s character attacked her “twin”, she would’ve fallen to her demise. Bianca stood on the platform and intentionally crawled over the barrier between her and the the edge.

Janine defies gravity and physics in Victor Magtanggol.

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Gravity and physics fail when it comes to these kind of fails.

Janine Gutierrez‘s character, Gwen, was chased by a monster. She fell backwards but instead of dropping to the ground, she seemed to have somersaulted into the air and managed to hold on the edge of the unfinished building.

Sniper shoots at Hammerman without a scope in Victor Magtanggol.

In an episode, a sniper fired a gun at Hammerman where the latter got shot on the forehead causing him to fall down. This caused netizens who knew guns to fire at the fantaserye. There was a reticle (lines seen inside an optical device) but there was no scope attached to the gun. So, how did he see the superhero without that scope? Does he have a scope attached to his glasses? Or was this just a poor choice on their part?

Car crashes in Inday Will Always Love You.

Get ready for this because this whole scene was a huge fail.

Kim Rodriguez planned to strangle Barbie Forteza with a bag strap while Derrick Monasterio drove a new white sedan.

The cameras pan and show the car swerving wildly. Derrick, however, was steering the wheel quite timidly. If Patrick has the steering wheel in control, the swerving wouldn’t happen.

They were supposed to crash into a barricade but they didn’t.

Derrick was driving a white and seemingly new and clean sedan. After NOT hitting the nonexistent barricades, an entirely different and outdated car was shown to drop into the water very very very slowly.

If the car crashed into the water upside down, the characters should have positioned the same way.

They, however, were right side up which doesn’t make sense in the subject of gravity and physics. Sorry, Inday! But this scene just didn’t make any sense.

Well suddenly looks huge in Ika-5 Utos.

Kim Rodriguez is involved in yet another TV fail. Her character planned to leave Klea Pineda in the forest for dead.  Kim barrelled herself into Klea, causing them to fall into the small opening of the well.

When they both fell, the well suddenly became a huge well-decorated space with fake leaves and branches everywhere.

They barely even fit together as they fell in the opening of the well but when they reached the bottom, they were able to lay down with plenty of space around them.

Kate and Mikee gets stranded in an island in Onanay.

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This scene featured Mikee QuintosKate Valdez, two other female co-stars and Enrico Cuenca. First, a simple plastic paddle hit the engine which immediately caused fire and an explosion. Second, the girls obviously can swim but when the rescue boat neared them, they suddenly didn’t know how.

Third, Enrico doesn’t seem to know who to save: Mikee, who doesn’t have a life vest or Kate, who has a life vest. It should be noted that there wasn’t any huge waves to take Mikee or Kate away but they suddenly ended up in an island.

Pen’s oxygen tube isn’t connected to a tank in Karelasyon.

This episode was back in 2017 but netizens noticed it now.

Pen Medina fell in love with Aubrey Miles. At the start of the episode, Greg suffered a heart attack which got worse after a while and needed a medical tube to help him breathe.

The medical tube, however, was not attached to anything that made the scene ridiculous.

Thea and Daniel missed the report in News Patrol.

Filipinos all around rejoiced when Miss Universe crowned Catriona Gray which may have caused an interruption on signal transmission. The anchor on studio couldn’t get any response from the field reporters named “Daniel” and “Thea.”

Dancer fall on her head in Wowowin

Wowowin went viral online after a dancer fell when a contestant performed a ballroom dance to Despacito on Tuesday, December 18. The contestant and the dancer twirled and turned. He even dipped her with her hairtouching the ground.

He, then, held her ankle and twirled again while carrying her. He, however, lost his balance causing the dancer’s head to hit the floor.


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