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A JuliElmo comeback? Julie Anne San Jose is open for a collaboration with Elmo Magalona

  • Julie Anne San Jose signed under Universal Records; the same record label that handles Elmo Magalona’s music career.
  • Fans started to clamor for a JuliElmo comeback and collaboration.
  • Julie Anne admitted that she is open to collaborate with Elmo.

Both Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona are signed with Universal Records. They used to be a love team and collectively known as JuliElmo. Fans started to clamor for a JuliElmo comeback collaboration since they are both under the same recording company.

Julie is open to collab with Elmo.

When San Jose was asked about a possible collaboration with her former onscreen partner, she agreed.

“Yes! Yeah, sure. Why not? I’m open naman to collaborate with anyone…”

The Julie and Elmo tandem.

San Jose joined Party Pilipinas as a solo artist in 2010. This is when she started to evolve as a performer where she can showcase her singing, dancing and acting abilities. She, then, was paired with a then-budding rap artist, Magalona. They starred in five short films: Red Mask Trilogy, Yellow Note, Blue Jeans The Musical, Elmo and Julie Anne: A Wazak Love Story and Status: It’s Complicated. In 2012, JuliElmo was featured in a GMA Films’ romantic summer film, Just One Summer.

Fans clamored for JuliElmo collab.

“Excited talaga sya sumagot kapag tinatanong yung collab nila ni Elmo. Hahaha Hello @universalrecph game na po #JuliElmoCollab”

“@universalrecph looking forward po sa julielmo collab this year since open naman po sila parehas sa collab 😊 hopefully ma-grant na po yung matagal na hiling ng julielmoes 😉”

“So far no love team gave me kilig like the JuliElmo kilig!!!!!!! Bring them back please ☹️”

“2019. JuliElmo Collab. Please @universalrecph”

“JuliElmo Year din please 😅🤞🏻🙏🏻 #JulieAnneForUR”

“A JuliElmo collab is VERY possible. You just need to make it happen. Like you two started remember? It Just Happened. ☺ “

“Yey! So, can we have the JuliElmo collab soon?”

“Sana soon JuliElmo For UR na. Hahahahaha we’ll never give up! @universalrecph #JulieAnneForUR”

Universal Records have yet to confirm any collaboration between Julie Anne and Elmo.


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