Annalisa Burgos leaves ANC’s “Early Edition” due to budget cuts and creative differences

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  • Annalisa Burgos bid farewell to ANC’s Early Edition.
  • Burgos added that she learned so much during her two-year stint.
  • She noted that if her viewers missed her, they should write a note to ANC bosses to let them know.

Annalisa Burgos recently bid farewell to ANC‘s Early Edition. In a Facebook post, she cited “budget cuts and creative differences” as the reason behind her departure. She posted her announcement on Tuesday, January 8.

“Due to budget cuts and creative differences, I bid farewell to the early morning show I launched and managed for ANC since Feb 2017. I’m grateful for the opportunity and had more plans for Early Edition, but when visions don’t align, the less expensive option prevails.”

Annalisa brings new approach to news coverage.

Although she had no ties to the Philippines, Burgos was brought due to her vision and advocacy.

“You may know that I’ve been a journalist for 20 years in the U.S. and Singapore, but I had no ties to the Philippines– only a vision and an advocacy. A vision to bring new approaches to coverage so the Philippines could be on par with global newsrooms and an advocacy to elevate the awareness and discourse of global issues among Filipinos. I worked to create engaging, relevant content not just for our local decision makers, but also the Filipino diaspora and foreign audiences. I pushed for a morning show that had intelligence, personality and heart.”

Annalisa expresses her delight for her team.

Burgos detailed how she used to feel alone because of her work ethic. She noted how there was no one who understood why she care and worked so hard.

“I’m proud of how far the morning team has come, considering the local staff had a hard time adjusting to my international standards with their limited resources and early work hours. They had never worked with a straight-shooting New Yorker with my energy and work ethic. I showed up early. I called out BS.”

I cursed when things weren’t done properly (not at people, but out loud). I wrote my own stories. I fought for integrity and accountability. I networked and built my own sources. I attended any workshop, event and conference that gave me a chance to learn and grow. I expected the same passion from my team. No one understood why I cared so much or worked so hard. I felt alone but I stayed positive.”

Annalisa shares her staff taught her so much.

Burgos added that she learned so much during her two-year stint.

“It’s never easy to transform a legacy business and ask people to push themselves to try new things and accept brutally honest feedback, albeit well-intentioned, especially in a time slot that is often underrated and underpaid. I learned so much during my 2-year stint. The staff taught me about the value of patience, compassion and understanding.”

Annalisa expresses her gratitude.

Burgos thanked the people who supported and inspired her.

“Thank you to Ging Reyes for her trust and support and for believing in my vision and to Maria Ressa for inspiring me to stay true to myself as a journalist, no matter the headwinds. Thank you to my segment producer Rose Barroga, editors and the camera crews who helped bring to life my segments and series Fil.i.Am and Food Diplomacy. Thank you to my hair/makeup artists especially Nizel who made me look fabulous at 5am so I could focus on content and my floor director Andy who tried to calm me down whenever poop hit the fan. Best wishes to the team of producers and technical crew who make it work each day. Recorded a bit of my last day live on air…”

She also thanked her viewers who woke up with her every morning. She noted that if they missed her, they should write a note to ANC bosses to let them know.

“And my heartfelt thanks to all of the viewers who have woken up with me every morning, you will still see me around, hosting events, working on new shows, and covering stories with the same positive energy and passion as always. If you really miss seeing me on air, be sure to write to the ANC bosses and let them know. Your support is very much appreciated!”



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