GMA Network partners up with Smart-PLDT; marks its full implementation of digitization

  • GMA Network and PLDT-Smart partnered up for its digitization project.
  • Atty. Gozon welcomes full implementation of digitization project.
  • Mr. Pangilinan thanks GMA Network for the trust.

GMA Network and PLDT-Smart signed a partnership contract on Wednesday, January 9. The network had given Filipinos quality content for the past 69 years.

GMA Network and PLDT-Smart’s top executives were present in the partnership kick-off.

Atty. Gozon welcomes full implementation of digitization project.

GMA Network Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon detailed how this partnership will welcome the full implementation of the network’s digitization project.

“For GMA we have to recognize that for us to maintain our position as the leading, I will repeat, leading broadcast station in the country, we must evolve in accordance with the shifting habits and preferences of our audience…”

“The agreement we are signing this afternoon with PLDT-Smart is significant for GMA because it marks the start of the full implementation of our digitization project.”

Mr. Pangilinan thanks GMA Network.

Chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan expressed his gratitude to Atty. Gozon for trusting PLDT-Smart for the project.

“We thank you Chairman Gozon for the trust and we are quite eager to start working on this project and of course making it successful both for GMA and PLDT.”



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